Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Paris Collection

I really have problem with a product that has a 'limited edition' label on it, even though I am 100% aware that I don't need the product. Catrice is having a limited edition at the moment, this LE was released last year and was a big success, so Catrice repeated this LE this year consists of  new 3 different eye shadow palettes, 3 mascaras and 3 nail polishes ( See the nail polish review, HERE ).

After long ( believe me, it was really long :p ) consideration, I finally took only 1 palette. I took the Paris one. The packaging is def the same like the LE from last year and packaging wise, the Paris palette I took, looks 99% the same from the Berlin Palette I have from last year.
The Paris palette consists of 6 eye shadows ( all shimmery ), 2 blushes , 1 black pencil eye liner and 1 applicator.


All the shadows on Paris palette are shimmery and frosty. The pigmentations are a little bit weak esp on lighter shades. I find they are best applied using my finger, because they crumble and crease a lot when applied using eye shadow brush. The texture of all eye shadows are smooth and buttery. I find the color selection is nice, only I wish for at least 1-2 matte shades.
Both of the blushes are total flop. Too much glitters and weak in pigmentation. The textures are also rough and dusty, I didn't even bother to apply them on my cheeks .

As a comparison, the Berlin Palette is way better in quality. The eye shadows are greatly pigmented, soft and  not dusty, also applied smoothly with finger or eye shadow brush. The color selection is also slightly better than the Paris palette.
Even the blushes on Berlin palette are better than the duo from Paris palette. 

Overall, I prefer the Berlin Palette better than the Paris palette. Paris is 1€ more expensive than Berlin, but the quality is not even better. If you haven't had the Berlin Palette from last year, Paris palette won't be a total flop, but it's not a must have either.

PS : As you can see, I changed my header but it turned out a bit too small. Does any of you know the perfect image size for header? Or do you know if there's a website with good blogger's header templates?


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