Thursday, 14 June 2012

REVLON Lip Butters!!!

Some of you who have been following my blog for longer time might know that I desperately wanted to try the most hyped Revlon Lip butter. Unfortunately I live in Germany where Revlon is no longer available in our drugstore. 
But then my long wait had finally come to an end ( yeah I can be a drama queen sometimes. ) when a friend of mine from Indonesia came to Berlin last few weeks. Revlon is available ( and also very popular ) in Indonesia, and I've read from fellow indonesian bloggers that Revlon lip butters are also available in Indonesia for IDR 75.000,- ( approx. 8-9USD ) knowing this fact, I asked him to buy me some. I googled for swatches and decided these 5 shades I want. 

Now there are already zillion of reviews and swatches out there, still I want you to meet my new babies :

*I'm sorry that my camera doesn't really do the justice to the colour.*

So this is my indepth thought on the lip butter :
First of all, I like the packaging. It looks different than normal Revlon Lipstick, but still looks fun and gives a 'lighter' impression since this claims to be a 'lip butter',  something in between lip balm and lipstick.
The texture is kinda hard to describe. It's too moisturizing as lipstick, but also too pigmented as lipbalm. So I would call this as something in between, so It's true to what Revlon claims.
To the pigmentation, each shade has different pigmentation. But all 5 shades that I picked have great pigmentation. I would say sweet tart is the less and raspberry pie is the most pigmented. I also like that you can definitely build the color, so you can wear it sheer or opaque. I don't know if there are matte shades out there but all 5 that I have, are shimmery.
For some of you who have problem with scented make up product, I must say this lip butters are scented. It's pretty subtle though and the scent doesn't linger, so don't worry.
This lip butter stays on for good 2-3 hours on me.

Overall I think this is a good product for its price. It's nothing really spectacular actually, but still a great invention from Revlon. I have already listed some other shades to get on my summer trip to London. 

Have you tried Revlon lip butter?
Could you pls recommend me which shade I should try?

Friday, 8 June 2012

INGLOT Eye Shadow Palette

As you have probably already read on my previous post, I visited Poland on a short getaway and I bought some INGLOT stuffs there.
Today I'm going to give an indepth review about the 5-er eye shadow palette that I bought. 

The eye shadows come in a nice streamlined, simple, sturdy, and elegant black palette which you can choose the amount ( e.g 5er, 10er, 12er , etc ). They're also magnetic so it's easy to move your eye shadows around within the same palette or to another palette.

I decided to 'only' take 5 eye shadows because the store I went in, didn't have a wide range of neutral shades and since I am no fan of bright eye shadows, I didn't want to buy so many shades I know I'll end up not using them.

I swatched them all without any base/ primer

The eyeshadow itself is a bit chalky compare to Urban Decay for example, but certainly has decent staying power . The pigmentation is great and nicely formulated. The texture is a bit dry but doesn't make it really dusty eventhough it's not as buttery as Urban Decay either. It is easy to blend but you have to be careful on darker shades because they are really highly pigmented. I only bought all matte eye shadows because I find it hard to find neutral matte eye shadows that have great pigmentation.
The eye shadow stays on my lids for hours without creasing. I don't even have to wear any primer underneath. 

Overall I think, for the affordable price, compare to MAC or any other high end brands, I think INGLOT did a great job! If I got another chance to visit the store in Poland, I would buy any other shades for sure!!

For some of you who live in Germany , I don't really recommend you to get this on german's price since they are really expensive ( around 8-9€ per eye shadow ), try ebay or some online shops that sell INGLOT with more affordable prices. Or, if you live in Berlin, you can visit Stettin ( a city in Poland that is located only 2 hours from Berlin ) and there you can find some INGLOT stores with 'unschlagbare' prices!

Have you tried INGLOT before?