Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mini LUSH Haul

Who doesn't love LUSH?? Going to LUSH is for me a really relaxing journey..I just love the smell of the store ( even though I heard a lot of people find it overwhelming ) and I love how ( mostly ) the SAs are friendly and helpful. The idea and concept behind the products are also always interesting. How they don't test on animals, fair trades and nature ingredients make me love the brand even more.

Since I don't have a bath tub in my appartment, I can't buy all those melting bubble baths. Such a shame because I actually really want to try them. T_T
But anyway, I still can buy the shower gels! What I love from LUSH Shower gels are, besides the heavenly good smell, the smell lingers on. 

  • Snow Fairy is part of the christmas limited edition. I used up 2 large bottles of it last Christmas and I've been waiting the entire year until it comes back again in christmas limited edition. I loooooooooove the sweet smell of cotton candy because it's just the perfect sweetness, nothing too much. And who can stand the cute pink liquid?
  • It's Raining Men is everyone's favorite. The combination of caramel and honey makes me want to shower 5 times a day. lol
  • I love Juice is my first LUSH shampoo. It's supposed to be good for my oily scalp. It contains the juice from papaya, mango, pineapple and kiwi, smells fresh and fruity which I like. I haven't tried it out because I still have to empty my Rainforest Shampoo from The Body Shop ( which I don't really like ).

  • Each Peach Body Butter Bar is a body butter in bar form that you can rub all over your body after shower. I was kind of skeptical about the bar form, but after I tried it out, I fell in love. The smell is heavenly ( combination of mango butter, avocado, choco and shea butter ) , and it melts easily into the skin, moisturizes and hydrates skin well and doesn't feel sticky or greasy. LOVE!
I was tempted to buy the popcorn lip scrub ( smells super duper hyper heavenly good!! ), the lemony flutter hand creme, the twilight shower gel and so on and so on but then successfully limit myself to things I need the most at the moment . #proudmomma ;P

Do you like LUSH too? What is your favorite??


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