Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kate Kanebo Eyeshadow Palette

I had a long wish list with me on my trip to Singapore last month and one of them is the Kate Kanebo eye shadow palette. I've seen Kate from drivelaboutfrivol rave about it, so here it is on my wish list.
As I stood in front of the Kate display in several Watsons in Singapore, I realized that they have a lot of different eye shadow palettes. And to my regret, ( a deep deep regret ) I picked up only 1 palette with me because I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. which I ended up liking it. a lot.

I am not really a fan of the packaging and how they divide the eye shadows. But I love the colors and formula and texture so much that I ignore the packaging. It is made of black plastic case that is quite filmsy which is a shame because it is not that cheap. ( I bought it 27 SGD, but there was 20% off discount ).

As you can see on the 2nd picture, all instructions and names are written in Japanesse so I have no idea which range it is from, or which color, etc etc. I just picked it up because I thought all the shades could work together really well and I can wear them for subtle every day make up or even smokey eyes.
The palette comes with 5 shades, and 1 of them is cream eye shadows, ( or cream base? or cream highlighter? I have really no idea since everything is written in Japanesse ). All 5 shades are wearable and beautiful, shimmery and iridescent. The texture is soft and velvety it feels almost like cream. I find that they apply the best with fingers, and later on I blend it with blending brush. 
The plum-y shade in the middle is def my fave shade. I've been wearing it single on my lids really often since the first time I bought the palette. 
My only concern is the staying power because they tend to fade off a bit after awhile, so eye shadow base is a must.

Once again, I regret not buying more eye shadow palettes with me because Kate Kanebo is a bit difficult to get , even on ebay. But at least now I know what to stock up the next time I visit Singapore.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hello friends, after almost 2 years with Jadeinthepalace I decided it is now time for a little giveaway. I've recently reached 200 followers on GFC , despite of all the debates around the de-installation of GFC in July, I am still proud and happy and excited to finally see that my little blog has gained more attentions and loves from fellow ladies and gentlemen out there who have the same passion about beauty fashion and life style . This giveaway is my first time and I've been collecting the prizes little by little and now It's time!! It's open internationally and will run for 1 month till the end of April. The winner will be announced 1-2 weeks after the giveaway is closed.

And here are the prizes :

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I hope you are just as excited as I am about this giveaway and good luck!!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush - Rose Ambre

Bourjois round pot blush has been on my wish list for the longest time. But since Bourjois is only available online here where I live and I am not really a fan of ordering make up online if I have never seen it live before, it took me a long time to finally get my hands on it. 
But finally, on my trip to Jakarta, I found a lot of Bourjois counters in Jakarta's dept.stores . So after a long time of swatching at the counter, I managed to limit my Bourjois haul only with 1 blush and 1 healthy mix foundation ( review coming soon ). Now that I've tried the blush for awhile, I regret that I didn't buy more shades. #cry

Bourjois little round pot blush comes in a small round pot packaging that looks vintage and cool. It looks like that it comes from the 50-60's era, you can definitely feel the vintage touch. The pot has magnet closure and also comes with small built in mirror and brush. The brush is a bit stiff but not too dense. At first I thought it would be useless, but since the blush is baked and pressed quite hard, I find that the given brush is actually made for it. It takes product easily than my usual soft blush brush. But the brush doesn't feel nice against my skin, so I bought a dense and quite stiff blush brush from Masami Shouko and it works fine with this blush.

The shade I picked up is #74 Rose Ambre. It is a matte burnt peachy pink with a hint of brown. It is a very natural shade and perfect for everyday use. 

Texture wise, Rose Ambre is soft and easy to blend. But as I mentioned above, since it is a baked blush, it is pressed pretty hard. The texture and formula remind me a bit of Milani baked blushes but this one from Bourjois is more finely made and less powdery.
The pigmentation is good. It is no fuss to apply, and you don't need to be extremely light handed. It gives you a really nice rosy cheeks without looking too much. The finish is really natural. For the past 3-4 weeks, I have been gravitated towards this blush really often, if not every day. Because it is such an easy but yet beautiful color to wear everyday and also the staying power is good.
Rose Ambre looks good with subtle make up, but also looks perfect for heavy make up . So, I am head over heels with it and now I start blaming myself for being so stupid and not buying more of the shades available while I was in Jakarta.

PS : I'll be holding a giveaway soon! I hope I'll make it this week. #excited

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blushing Berry and Angel Rose

Hey guys!!
Since I have mentioned already in some of my previous posts. I hauled a lot of drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon while I was in Jakarta, why? First, because Revlon is not available in Germany, and second because even though Maybelline is availabe in Germany, some of their product ranges are different. So, here are the lippies my mom got for me on my first day there! 



Angel Rose is a pale peach color with a hint of coral. It is a bit too pale for my liking, but I kinda like how it looks on me. My mom thinks that the color washes me out, and I agree, but I believe it would look good with heavy smokey eyes. Blushing Berry is a beautiful bright berry color. I like the fact that it doesn't lean to fuschia since I don't like wearing fuschia lipstick. Blushing berry is more muted. It is the shade I'd reach for more often than Angel Rose.

These lipsticks from Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip color, are really moisturizing. The formula is so creamy and balmy. It feels like you're wearing lip balm instead of lipstick. Despite of the formula, the pigmentation is far from sheer. The pigmentation is opaque and the color is vibrant. I personally love this formula because it is moisturizing, hydrating and feels comfortable on my lips. The staying power is average, but I don't mind re-applying lipstick since I always do it anyway after major eating-drinking.

It's such a shame that the Maybelline here in Germany doesn't carry this range. They have similar products though, with almost identical packaging, but the formula isn't the same. And also more expensive. These babies are sold in Jakarta for Rp.35.000,- ( ca. 2,5 - 3€ ) each. While in Germany, the similar range is sold for more than 6€ if I'm not mistaken. 

Which shade do you prefer? Angel rose or Blushing berry?
Happy Sunday!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Designer Purple

This is the 2nd item I got from MAC recent LE, Archie's Girls. I didn't pick it up on the 1st time I visited MAC Counter to get my Prom Princess blush. But after reading some reviews about it and seeing some swatches, I decided to give it a go. 

Designer Purple is my 1st pearlglide intense eye liner from MAC ( actually my 1st eye liner from MAC at all ). I am not really a fan of MAC products, since I think their products are really hits and misses. But since this one has the cutest packaging, I once again gave up and picked it up. Besides, the swatch I did at the counter was really nice. I could totally picture me wearing it on my water line or even on upper lash lines to give a bit pop up of color to my usual black liner.

Designer purple is a bright shimmery purple. It is really vibrant and looks kind of 'glow in the dark'. It is such a stunning and bright color, yet I still can wear it on daily basis.

The texture of this liner is sooooo soft and creamy. The pigmentation is amazing and intense and it doesn't need any efforts to apply. It glides on sooo smoothly even on my oily lids. But, even though the texture is so creamy, the staying power is impressive and it doesn't smudge. It really stays the whole day.
My only concern is that the texture is a bit too creamy so it is a bit hard to sharpen. I am sometimes afraid that it will melt. Though it doesn't melt. yet? 

This is - as I mentioned above- my 1st pencil eye liner from MAC, but I am sure this will not be the last  one since I really like it. 

Have you tried any MAC pencil eye liner?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A simple FOTD and New Hair Cut!

Hello friends!
It's been quite a long time since my last FOTD, so here it is. It's a really simple FOTD with a hint of red on my lips. And also please meet my new hair. I got it cut while I was in Indonesia. Some of you might not notice the difference, but I got it cut for at least 15cm. Here you can see my before picture with my hair .

Sorry for the blur picture, but it's the only picture with my hair at full length so you can see.

Products I used :

  • Benefit The Porefesional
  • Ettusais Mineral BB Cream shade #02 + Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation shade #202
  • Maybelline FIT ME Concealer #15
  • Manhattan Clear Face Powder in Sand
  • Essence Eye shadow Base
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze
  • Silky Girl Pen Liquid Eye Liner in black
  • Caring Colors pencil eye liner in black
  • Wet n Wild Walking on The Egg Shells ( browbone shade as highlighter on the inner corner on the lower lash lines )
  • Benefit They're Real mascara
  • Max Factor 2000 Calories mascara
  • Kryolan brow powder in medium
  • Alverde Brow gel in brown
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Peripera's Peri Mellow Cheek in Pink Rose
  • Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in silky Red


Friday, 15 March 2013

Anna Sui Lip Gloss C Brillant a Levres C - Rose Pink #306

Anna Sui was one of the 1st brand of make up I used when I was teenager ( years ago ). On my trip to Jakarta, it is easy to access Anna Sui because they are widely available in some big department stores. I wanted to buy all of their products as they are such a pleasant to see, but my bank account balance was pathetic at that time ( it is pathetic all the time. ) so I limited my purchase to only 1 lip gloss.

Look at the box!!! It is sooooo beautiful and well made and thoughtful. I was having a hard time not to throw it away. But I had to, because my suitcase was overweight already. #cry

The gloss comes in a beautiful gorgeous tube with Anna Sui trademark black roses ornament on the top. The tube is well made and screams luxurious.

" Anna Sui Lip Gloss C Brilliant a Levres C is a light and hydrated lip gloss , which can produce sparkling plump lips . It is formulated with brilliant clear oil based , with a sense of transparency and gloss finish. Because they have the depth to the film without make up, creating the sense of uniform gloss cover any irregularities . It has airy feeling and with the scent of rose.."

Quoted from

I tried to find some reviews about this lip gloss in internet, but I found nothing. So maybe this is not a famous product. But I think it is completely underrated. Because this lip gloss is really really good, probably the best lip gloss I have ever encountered.
The texture is airy, lightweight and feels sooooo comfortable on my lips. It makes my lips look plump and delicious looking. It also doesn't feel sticky at all.
The pigmentation is medium, and buildable so I can apply it sheer or opaque depends on my mood. It applies nicely and evenly. The staying power is relatively good for a lip gloss.
The shade I picked up is Rose Pink. It is a medium muted pink with a hint of brown. It is a true definition of every day kind of pink gloss. Rose Pink is also a clear lip gloss without any shimmer particles. I remember there were some other shades available, and there was an opaque red which looked gorgeous and I really wanted it, but they didn't have it on stock :(

If you are familiar with Anna Sui make up , you will know that they all have kind of subtle rose scent. Some people might find it overwhelming, but I personally love it.

This is overall my favorite lip gloss of all time and I regret that I didn't pick up more shades..

PS : I checked on ebay and found this seller, sells the whole range of this lip gloss. It is more expensive than the price I paid in Jakarta ( Rp.210.000 or approx. 18€ ) but I think I will order the other shades soon. 


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Prom Princess

I was still in Jakarta when The Archie's Girls collection from MAC first launched in Germany. I had a little bit of panic that maybe I couldn't get the blush and the pencil eye linerI've been eyeing for some time. I wanted to ask my boyfriend to get it for me ( but my boyfriend refused to go to MAC counter for a blush #cry), but since I already hauled so much make up on my holiday, I thought maybe I didn't need another blush or pencil eye liner, especially when the most thing that made me want them, was the packaging.
But, destiny led me to another story.

On my 2nd day back to Berlin, I had to go to work already, since my shift was early, I decided to take a look at MAC Counter on the ground floor ( I work part time at a ), found that the display was still there and swatched the 2 blushes available, and I liked Prom Princess the most. 
( The pencil eye liner was sold out but I managed to get it from another MAC counter in Berlin, review coming soon )
The SA told me there was only 1 Prom Princess left and I was lucky because if I came like an hour later, it might as well sold out. Destiny, I'd say?

Prom Princess comes in a really cute packaging. It is typical MAC round blush case, but the color is white instead of black and it has Veronica printed on it. Super cute!

Prom Princess is a bright fuschia-pink with a hint of blue undertone. It gives a sheen satin finish that transforms into a nice glowing flushed on the cheeks. It has sheer to medium pigmentation so you don't need to be really light handed on application.
The staying power is average for MAC blush but the powder is unfortunately not finely milled. I experienced a lot of fallouts , and the texture is also not as smooth as I expected from MAC blushes.

As I am in general a fan of MAC blushes, Prom Princess isn't the best MAC could offer. The color pay off is nice, and the shade is flattering but easily dupable. The application is dusty and a bit messy but I like how it looks on my cheeks. So, I don't regret the purchase, because of the cute packaging.