Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lingerie De Peau

Among other make up products, Foundation ( or BB Cream ) is my favorite thing to review. I also love to buy foundation ( or BB Cream ) because a flawless looking face is my aim. 
Foundation is also a product which I tend to spend a lot of money on. I can justify spending 40€++ on foundation because I believe we should spend most on the basis. Do you also have the same opinion?

Lingerie De Peau was an impulsive purchase ( well, 90% of my purchase are impulsive. lol ) because  I actually wanted to try the famous grey blush, Chanel Notorious but I didn't like it at all. So I moved to another beauty counter and I accidentally dropped by Guerlain counter. The SA was nice and helpful and she recommended me this foundation, so I tried it on and fell in love at the first sight.

Lingerie De Peau comes in a luxurious glass packaging. The packaging is heavy and sturdy, and def made of high quality material. It's not really travel friendly, but this is the kind of packaging you expect if you pay 40€++.  The bottle also has a pump which is another plus point. 

Lingerie De Peau is a lightweight foundation that claims to give an 'invisible' flawless skin finish. I must say LDP does the job really well. The texture is liquid but not watery, it also feels really light on my skin, and I get the feeling of 'not wearing any foundation' when I use it. What impressed me the most is that it blends like a dream, no exaggerating but it blends so easy, almost effortless. 

LDP gives a light to medium coverage and is buildable. It gives my skin a barely dewy and glowy, really natural effortlessly good skin. The light coverage is enough to even out my skin tone and covers some redness and imperfections. One more good thing is, this foundation has SPF 20++ but it photographs well.
This foundation is lightly scented. The scent is fresh and powdery, nothing strong or uncomfortable.
It retails for 48€ / 30ml.

I overall fall in love with this foundation and it is now my new holy grail. ;)


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