Friday, 18 April 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

As a foundation junkie, I was so happy when a friend of mine gave this foundation for me because she got is as GWP and it is not her right shade. As a gift with purchase, this foundation comes in a special size, 15ml instead of the original size of 30ml.

without - with

I have tried a deluxe sample of the Estee Lauder Double Wear original foundation and I liked it but I didn't love it that much that made me want to fork out €40 for the full size. While the original double wear is famous for being full coverage, the light version is indeed lighter.
My shade is no.2 Intensity. It is a tad darker than my skin tone but it can be fixed with lighter powder. It has a distinct beige undertone, quite neutral which is good if you have problem with foundation being too yellow or too pink. 
The texture is creamy and thick , but it glides on smoothly into the skin. I find Real Technique buffing brush works the best with this foundation, but beauty blender performs good as well if you desire sheerer coverage. The foundation needs to be blended carefully otherwise it might look a bit blotchy and cakey.
It gives a light-medium coverage which is enough to even out the complexion and cover some imperfections / rednesses. But concealer is needed for blemishes or  heavy under eye area. It feels lightweight on the skin and my skin feels breathable under it. The finish is semi matte, definitely not dewy or glowy, good for people with oily skin, but it might be too 'matte' for other skin types. The oil control in other hand is rather average. The foundation sets into a semi matte finish right after application but I feel my Tzone needs to be blotted within 3 hours.
This is all around a good foundation but I am not awed by it. I think it is because of the finish. It provides my skin a decent coverage but the finish is rather dull looking.
I find it difficult for me to like foundation with semi-matte or matte finish as they mostly make my skin looking 'flat' and dull. Otherwise, I can imagine it working well for oily skin or if you desire a matte finish.

Have you tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear face base line?
Oh and Have a good Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

This newly launched lips and cheeks product from YSL has been around the blogsphere lately , so of course as expected, I couldn't resist the temptation once they were available in Germany..

The shade I picked up was #06 - Rouge Libertine. It is a bright chili red with no shimmer. I actually wanted to get pink-nude shade but when I tried them on the counter, they looked extremely pale on the lips, so I decided to go with the red one.
The Kiss&Blush Babydoll comes in a 'nail polish looking' packaging. It is housed in a square glass tube with a unique doe foot applicator. The packaging is very well made, luxurious yet functional.
The formula is nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be similar to the famous glossy stain, but I was wrong as it felt very matte and powdery! Have you tried any matte lip cream before? because the formula and consistency feel almost identical to the matte lip creams I have tried from Essence or Manhattan for example. I was not very sold on the counter to be honest as I found them wearing patchy and too powdery especially on the lips. But the SA was a little bit pushy so I thought I would just get it and give it another try at home. I was mostly curious about it because so many people love the range.
The consistency is lightweight and creamy with a very strong powdery feeling. The staying power is great on the lips as well as on the cheeks. It is also lightly scented with YSL signature 'watermelon' scent. If you have tried the glossy stain, yes they smell the same. It feels nice on the lips and but it takes more blending on the cheeks because it is extremely pigmented. I feel like it applies a bit blotchy on the cheeks and most of the time I get the feeling that this is actually just a matte lip-cream that they marketed as cheeks product as well just to boost up the sales. I meant, it is not a secret that lipsticks can perform well as blushes too, right? That's why I think this one is actually a matte lip cream which is double marketed as blush for more gimmick. After some days trying this product, I must say it is not a bad product but the marketing strategy is a bit misleading. 

The Kiss&Blush retails for €34,99 / 10ml which is hell expensive and based on my personal judgment, I must say it is not really worth the money and the hype.

Have you tried this product from YSL?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beige Gallery

I was fortunate to be given this nail polish from a friend of mine on my birthday last month. I have not tried any YSL nail polish before so I was really happy to finally be able to give it a try.

My friend really knows my kind of shade because she picked up a grey color for me. I love grey as I find that almost anything grey always looks shopisticated and elegant .
Beige Gallery ( I don't know why they named a grey shade - beige ?! ) is a light taupe-y grey shade with creamy finish. I applied one top of Dior gel topcoat on the picture ( I really like the Dior topcoat btw! ).
The texture is such a pleasant to apply. It is not too thin or too thick, and it applies beautifully without being gloopy or streaky. The formula convinced me why it is more expensive than the ones from the drugstore.  I need 2 coats to get opaque with this shade but you can definitely go away with 1 coat, it is only my habit to always apply 2 coats. The staying power-together with the Dior gel coat is excellent! It lasted me 8 days before I felt the need to re-do my manicure!
The color is perfect for any occasion as it is 'neutral' enough for work yet shopisticated enough for a night out when I get bored of red.  
I am very satisfied and happy with this nail polish and will definitely get another shades :-)
Have you tried YSL nail polish or another high end brand nail polish? How did you like it?

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yachiyo, is it you?

I was having a sleepover at one of my friend's home when I spotted this brush on her dressing table. It reminded me directly of NARS Yachiyo brush that was hyped among the beauty community. As a beauty junkie of course I asked her opinion about the brush  and it surprised me when she told me she never used the brush because she found it too wobbly and she doesn't wear blushes often. It was a gift so she couldn't tell me whether it was original from NARS or a counterfeit. But she remembered it came in a black box. As she didn't have any use of the brush, she gave it to me and yes I accepted it happily xD.

I did some researches on the internet and I must say I can't really tell if this brush is a real deal. Though the quality is very good, the bristles are soft and definitely not synthetic ( I have a brush made from goat hair and I can confirm they have very similar character ). The brush has a slightly tapered shape with a long slim handle. The bristles are very soft  and gentle against the skin they feel almost therapeutic. They can be a bit scratchy though, depends on how you wash it, but I think it is the price you get with goat hair.  The bristles pick up the product very well but it sheers the blush down because the bristles are not very dense.
I find it very good to apply blushes with high pigmentation because it diffuses the color on to the cheeks, but for sheer blushes, it needs more layer to make the color show on the skin.
The brush makes blending blushes with drier texture easier and the woobly handle doesn't annoy me at all. I think the woobly handle together with the tapered bristles are the key why this brush deposits the 'perfect' amount of product on to the skin which results in more natural and softer finish.
My only concern is when I washed the brush, the water turned black as if the brush was losing its 'color' ? That never happened to me before with other brushes.  And also it shed  during the wash and I needed to wash it very gentle ( this one didn't really confuse me as I have another blush brush with natural hair and it loses its hair during wash, that's why I don't deep clean my natural hair brushes very often ). I don't know if some people are experiencing the same as I couldn't find anyone mentioning the problem on some reviews that I found in internet.
Any of you have the brush and experiencing the same problem?

Assuming this one is a real deal, I must say I can understand and justify the hefty price tag ( 49€ !! ) . I am happy and satisfied with the cheaper blush brush from Real Techniques or the local drugstore , but this one is on another league.
If this one was not a real deal, than it must be a very well made counterfeit.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Berry Pop

I thought I wouldn't jump into the bandwagon... But I failed... 

Well, this little daisy along with other 3 shades from Clinique have been around the beauty community for this past few months. And they have been receiving a lot of positive responses.  It is something unusual coming from Clinique as the brand is usually associated with skin care products and not so fancy looking packaging. However, I must say I was intriqued by this pretty little daisy. Housed in a clear sturdy case, the blush is embossed / crafted with beautiful daisy print.
The color I picked is Berry pop. A bright fuchsia pink. It has satin - semi matte finish with no shimmer at all. This kind of shade is actually not my cup of tea as they tend to be too 'cool toned' and not flattering against my complexion. I don't really like pinky  blushes as they have a potential of making me looking like a clown. But this one doesn't appear too 'Barbie pink' on my cheeks so I like it..
The texture is something I haven't experienced before. It is powder but at the same time, a little bit creamy.. I'd say it is a highly densed powder. But even though it is densely pressed, the pigmentation is surprisingly good but not over the top, which is not a bad thing as it makes the application easier. Some people find it best to apply with hands / finger but I prefer brush as finger application could get a bit blotchy. On the lower note, I find that the blush doesn't really blend easily. It takes a bit more blending to make the color even and nicely 'cooperated' with the skin. I also find the staying power rather average. I got 5 hours before it started to fade gradually..
I am overall happy with this blush but I am not head over heels.. It's nice to have in my collection but I wouldn't get another shades.. ( yes I am indecisive like that.. )
The blush retails for €29,99 / 3,5gr

You can read other review on Stacey's blog
Have you tried this blush from Clinique?