Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Recent Lippies Purchase

I did a little lipsticks / lip gloss haul on my recent trip to Jakarta. Let's take a look!

Revlon Elusive - Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss Bordeaux - Lunasol #29 - L'oreal Fairy Touch -L'oreal Spring Rosette - Maybelline Berry Brilliant

L'oreal Color Riche in Fairy Touch - This particular lipstick and color has been my favorite lately. The color is a very nice wearable peach shade. It is difficult for me to find a peach toned lip product that doesn't wash me out. The lipstick has creamy and moist texture. The pigmentation is great and it applies smoothly. I will def look at the other shades on the range. I believe this range is not available in Germany.

L'oreal Color Riche Matte in Spring Rosette - After seeing this post from Sleepandwater, I decided I need pink matte lipstick in my life :p-. I picked up the shade Spring Rosette, a medium yellow toned pink shade. Despite of the matte finish , it doesn't feel dry and is very comfortable on the lips. The texture reminds me a bit of the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipsticks, only this one is less creamy but still comfortable to wear. The staying power is above average.

Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive - I have already had 2 other shades from the range , one deep red and one mauve plum shade which both I really like. The Revlon matte balm lipsticks belong to one of my fave matte lipsticks ever. The shade Elusive is something I usually don't reach for because the color tends to wash out my complexion but I really liked it when I tried it at the counter. I have been wearing this relatively often too, surprisingly.

Maybelline The Jewels in Berry Brilliant - Another unusual shade for me but I was just in the mood for something different so I picked up this fuchsia shade. This Jewels line is not available in Germany I believe. The lipstick has semi matte finish and creamy consistency but the texture is a bit heavy duty. The pigmentation is amazeballs and 1 swipe is more than enough. Due to the amazing pigmentation, the application is a bit difficult and lip liner is needed to create an even application. It doesn't bleed or feather though.

Lunasol Lipstick in shade #29 - I did a bit Lunasol haul during my trip to Jakarta and this lipstick was included. It is a terra-cotta shade with semi matte finish. The lipstick is creamy and a tad powdery but very hydrating. It applies evenly and smoothly and stays on very well. The texture is lightweight and very comfortable on the lips.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Bordeaux -  I don't know whether I received a bad product, but this lip gloss smells so bad! I only wore it for the sake of taking picture and can't be bothered to wear it on another occasion due to the smell. It smells like a burnt rubber? or just like an old lipstick. I wonder if mine was an old stock. The texture is sticky but not uncomfortable.

What was your recent lip product purchase?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Air France Premium Economy - a bit of flight review

PS: Hope you don't mind today's post being a bit different than my usual beauty related post xD

As much as I love airports and the adrenaline I get every time I get to fly, I really hate to sit in a long haul flight in economy class. Sadly as a student, my budget has never allowed me to book a seat in any business class, so every time I flew home from my current residence now at Berlin Germany to Jakarta Indonesia, I had to sit in economy class with 2 strangers beside me , packed in a narrow and uncomfortable seats.
But everything has changed once I found out that Air France offers Premium Economy class with more affordable price compare to the business one but with almost as good benefits. Why I decided to write a review about it is because when I was browsing about the PE class, there were not enough reviews available on the internet. Most reviews I could find were either very outdated or for short haul flight. So I guess this review might help some people who are still in doubt whether it is worth the extra money to upgrade to premium economy.

Let's start with the benefits you get :
  • 2 x 23kg baggage which is a big selling point for me , compare to regular 1 x 23kg baggage for economy class.
  • Priority check in, boarding and baggage together with the Sky priority and business class passengers , means that you don' have to stand in long queue most of the time.
  • More comfort seats and more leg room ( I'll talk more about it later ).
  • You get different meals , something in between economy and business. 

The check in process went smoothly and fast as I was able to use the business / sky priority check in desk. That was already a good start , followed by fast boarding ( I was also able to sit in the priority seats while waiting for boarding )  means I was able to enter the plane when it was still relatively empty which also made a big different ( the overhead compartment was still empty so I was able to put my cabin luggage with no fuss ).  The PE class is located between business and economy ( the cabin crew closed the curtains during the flight , so the PE part was separated with business and ecnomy ) and it was quiet a small section with 2-4-2 seat arrangement and total 36 or 38 seats in one class that makes the cabin less packed and more calm.
The seat itself looks more like business class ( even better than some business class in short haul flights ). It is of course not as comfortable as fully reclined and comfy business seats but it is in my opinion way better than the economy seats. 
One thing I've read that people complain the most about, is the fact that the seats do not reclined and instead, they slide. But as I am only 1,58m short, I don't really mind as it is still more comfortable than the economy class. The fixed shell seats are a plus point if you have ever encountered ignorant neighbor in front of you who recline their economy seat to maximum and do not even think that people who sit behind them might need to eat or watch the in flight entertainment. With my 1,58m height, I also got more than enough leg room. The seat is not that comfortable that I was able to sleep much during the flight, but once again it was still way better than the economy. The arm rest was also pretty roomy so I didn't have to experience any awkward elbow touch with my next to neighbor.  The seat also comes with noise cancelling head phone which is amazing! 

Speaking about the food, they were quiet tasty and once we had braised scallop which was one of the best cooked scallop I've ever eaten. After the meal, we were given a plastic coronette filled with sweets ( chocolate, caramel fudge, and candies ) . They also gave us a amenities pouch filled with socks, ohrpax, tootbrush and toothpaste. The pouch is quite nice though.

One example of the meal I had during my flight from Berlin to Paris

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with Air France Premium Economy, and as I have flown with Air France sister company KLM before, my miles added up and I'll be able to upgrade from PE to business class on my next trip home yuhuuu. 
If you have problem flying alone in a long haul flight or have bad sick motion like I do, PE is a very good and cheaper alternative to the business class as you get way more comfort and trust me, in a 17 hour flight, a little more comfort is what we all need.

You can find another reviews here and here.
Oh btw I was flying this route : Berlin-Paris-Jakarta ( with one technical stop at Singapore ).


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

Make Up For Ever belongs to a brand I've always wanted to try but had never caved in. Mainly because the limited access I have to the brand as it is not presence in Berlin ( except online ) . But on my recent trip to Jakarta, I stumbled upon the brand at Sephora ( yes, we now have Sephora in Jakarta juhuuu ) and the opportunity to be able to directly swatch the products and feel the texture, consistency etc was just so fun that I ended up purchasing the famous MUFE HD Foundation.

First of all, I was very happy to see the extensive shades they offer. After some swatches the BA and I decided that N117 would be the perfect match for my complexion. N117 is yellow based hence it suits me nicely. 
The foundation is housed in a clear glass bottle and comes with a pump spender which I really appreciate ( hear that NARS Sheer Glow ! ) I personally like the design of the packaging, it captures the image of the brand very well , clean cut-simple and gives me the impression that the brand is marketed towards more professional make up artists ( the impression I also got from other brands like Kryolan, Ben Nye or the pro collection from MAC ) .
So speaking about the foundation itself, it has lightweight texture and quite runny consistency. It applies evenly and smoothly. The coverage is sheer medium to solid medium and build able but only to certain opacity. I find that more than 2 layers will make it looking heavy and cakey. It evens out the skin tone and manages to cover some redness but not enough to cover blemishes or dark under eye area. A lot of people claim it to work best for dry skin but for my combination skin it works just fine. The finish is semi matte upon application but it doesn't stay so for long. I need to blot esp my T-zone area after ca. 3 hours and touch up every 2-3 hours afterwards which I am not particularly fond of. People say that this foundation photographs well hence it is a favorite for photoshoots.  If you see the close up pict below, I won't say it photographs bad but I am not going to say that my skin looks flawless either. I have another foundation I'd wear for picture but this is not the one.

MUFE HD Foundation has a good staying power though. It stays on for 7-8 hours and starts to fade gradually on certain areas like the tip of my nose or my T zone. It doesn't have any strong scent, so it's good for people with sensitive nose.

If you zoom in the picture, I think it is clear to see that it doesn't provide a very natural finish. The foundation is quiet visible and in a way a tad 'mask-like'.
I am overall not very impressed, not because of the lack of quality, but more to my personal preference.

Have you tried the MUFE HD Foundation?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

LORAC Pro Palette

If there is one eye shadow palette I'd been lusting over for so long , it was the Lorac Pro Palette. I once ordered it from Amazonglobal but my order got lost on the way, they refunded my money though, but I couldn't be bothered to re order it. Finally my sister managed to get it for me, ordering from a local online shop in Indonesia. 
Unfortunately, I must say, I am a bit underwhelmed by it :/

I think, the main reason why I feel a bit underwhelmed by it, is because I expected too much. So many people raved about this palette and based on online swatches, I must say the shades all look so pretty and wearable and indeed they are ( esp the coppery red shade ; Garnet. Major love ) . But once I got to play with it, I just find the formula a bit difficult to work with. The shadows are a tad too powdery and ( too pigmented? ) that I get the feeling I need to be extremely careful with them. I am not a fan of the packaging either. The matte black palette tends to get dirty easily because of the dust from the shadows. The shadow squares are also too small for my preference , so it is difficult to swipe my eye shadow brush on them without making the palette messy. The eye shadows are very intense and smooth - they are bordering creamy. They blend smoothly though, and I am not saying they are bad, I just think I expected too much. Oh, and they are so fragile. I have dropped my UD Naked palette and itcosmetics Naturally Pretty palette few times and they are fine, but I can imagine even the slightest shake will break this one.   

I've been playing around with this palette for the past 2 weeks and I use it almost every day. I kind of like it because the shades are all neutral and easy to wear but I don't know.. I am just not really impressed. I like it but I don't love it and I can't really pinpoint what's wrong with this palette. I don't get the wow effect I got from the itcosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

Overall, despite of my indecisive opinion, I still use this palette on daily basis and I still think it is one palette you should consider getting if you haven't had any neutral toned eye shadow palette. But is it a must have? I don't think so..


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Insider The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

Eye cream is one part of my skin care regime that I most often neglect. But I suffered from dry patches on my under eye area recently, so I knew I needed extra care for it.
Upon visiting duty free at Changi Airport ( one of my fave duty free ever after Dubai ), I spotted a lot of korean skin care and make up with fairly affordable prices. Innisfree is a brand I've been wanting to try for quite a long time so I picked up this particular eye cream after quickly reading the description at the packaging.

If there is a country best known for its skin care, may it be South Korea. Look at those Kpop beautiful dewy skin!
So let's talk about the packaging first. The cream comes inside a solid plastic pot. I don't mind the plastic material instead of typical glass pot because the plastic is a solid one and not filmsy at all. The pot is quite deep though which surprises me because usually eye creams come in 10-15 ml tiny tube. The overall packaging design represents the brand Innisfree very well. I got the impression that Innisfree is a 'green' and nature brand.
The eye cream has rich creamy consistency and applies very nicely. It sinks directly into the skin and leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized. It stings a little little bit upon application but it doesn't bother me at all. I also notice that the area under my eyes feel 'tighter' afterwards. I've been using this eye cream this past 3 weeks and I must say I am very happy with it so far.
It preps my under eye area and makes concealer applies smoothly and prevents it from creasing.

According to the description on the packaging, the cream is supposed to deliver moisture and nourishment to your eye area so I must say it does the job very well.

What is your current fave eye cream?