Sunday, 11 November 2012

Let's Fly with Uslu Airlines

Are you familiar with the brand ; Uslu Airlines? According to their website, Uslu Airlines is a Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand, created by Turkish MUA Feride Uslu and German entrepreneurial master mind Jan Mimh in 2003.
I didn't own any of Uslu Airlines' products until a friend of mine, the lovely Miss Valerie Ox ( pls check her website. She makes cool outfits! ), gave me this Uslu Airlines Collaboration lipstick with KMB-Berlin ( a fashion PR company ). 

The lipstick comes in a box that doesn't look like a lipstick box ( I know, confusing, right? ). lol. It's so Berlin in a way that the first thought when I saw the box was ; Oh my God this is the real Berlin's brand!

The lipstick looks really bright blue toned red on the bullet, but once swatched, it leans more to orange. I was hoping this lipstick leans more to red, because I've been wanting a new bold red lipstick and I don't really fancy wearing orange lipstick.

On my lips, this lipstick does lean more to orange, but not as orange as I thought it would be. It's just a red lipstick with orange undertone. It has sheen finish, and def not matte. The lipstick has a nice texture and easy to apply. The pigmentation is also great and it stays for a good 4 hours before requiring touch up. The lipstick has the smell of 'old fashioned' lipstick ( if you know what I meant ) but the smell doesn't linger on so I could careless.
The texture is nice. It's not too hard or too creamy . It applies easily even without lip brush or lip liner. Quality wise, this is a good lipstick , but I don't think I would spend more than 20€ for it. ( Uslu Airlines' lipsticks usually range from 22€ above ).
This is not a color I would reach for often in winter, but I'll def reach for it more in summer time!


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