Friday, 18 May 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stains Review & Swatches

It's only about time until I get my hands on this super famous glossy stain from YSL. I did some impulsive shopping with my girlfriend ; Putri. We have been wanting to try this glossy stain for sooooo long but we held ourselves back, because we knew there's no way we could say no to this pretty and gorgeous lippies. And we were right, as we gave up and let ourselves try this glossy stain, we just fell in love instantly. It was almost miracle that we didn't end up buying more than 1.( But yeah, it's only about time until we buy another shades. T.T ) Okay enough blabbering, here are our glossy stains :

*Mine is #5 and Putri's is #3*

#5 - Rouge Vintage is rosy red color which looks pink on the packaging and hand swatch, but leans more red on my lips. I was surprised to see how red it looks on my lips. I'm gonna describe it as raspberry red and it's kind of red that is safe to wear everyday.

#3 - Brun Cachemire - is more a brown shade. It looks caramel on hand swatch and looks rosewood on the packaging. My friend, Putri has darker complexion than me, therefore is this color more suitable for her.

The packaging isn't the prettiest YSL could bring, but it's practical. The applicator is the highlight, because it looks so unique and it picks color well and applies it smoothly, also the sharp end allows precise application along the lip lines.
The glossy stain formula feels really comfortable, cool and watery on my lips. It dries down pretty quick to a velvety feel which I find really interesting. The color is really buildable so you can wear it sheer or opaque. This glossy stain gives you a nice natural juicy but not too glossy finish. 
The other good thing is ; it lasts for HOURS. It stays on really well even after eating and much talking . Impressive.
The downside? The 30€ pricetag T.T

Here is my #5 glossy stain, as you can see on the picture, it looks really pink even on the applicator. That's why I was pretty surprised how it leans so much red on my lips. But no problem, I like it anyway. 

#3 on Putri's lips. Forgive the bad lighting, I took this picture with my blackberry camera T.T

#5 on my lips. I like one layer application better than 2. One layer application looks so natural but pretty. It's like the colour of your natural lips but much much better.

What do you think of this pretty babes?
I'm so in love and now I have 3 more shades in my wishlist #7, #12, and #15. ( dangerous alarm for my financial balance. :'/ )

Have a nice Saturday!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

There are things that can't be forgotten - a Personal post.

Hello lovelies,
Today I'm going to write something sensitive and personal and this is going to be a very LONG post. This is a taboo topic I always hold back to myself, a topic I always avoid to talk or discuss because in no mean I want to hurt or do any harm to some people.
I'm going to warn you, this post is going to be subjective, really subjective from my point of view . Eventhough I'll try to write as fair as I could. ( and I'll try to write as good english as I could. Pardon my bad grammar ).

So Let me start with myself. I'm Indonesian born chinese. I'm not native Indonesian by race, by my skin colour, or by the shape of my eyes. But , I was born in Indonesia, so were my siblings, my parents, and even my grandparents. 
I speak Indonesia as my mother tounge, I have Indonesian written as my nationality in my passport no matter how I dislike it, there's nothing I can't change about it by now.

Okay now some of you might think that I hate my country. No I don't. At least not at that point.
There are a lot of things I love about Indonesia. I love my country simply because my family, my beloved friends, and relatives live there. I love the capital city ; Jakarta for being my hometown for 18 years before I moved to Berlin-Germany. I love the shopping centres, I love the food, I love the memories.

But If I want to list the things I dislike from my country, I can list you some too. But I'm not going to blabber about it here.

I read a post on social media few days ago saying : "Don't ask what your country can give to you. Instead, give what you can to your country. "

I smirked reading this statement. Once again, in no harm I'm gonna judge those who agree with the statement. I know everybody's different. I know a lot of you love our country more than I do, for some reasons that I don't. I know a lot of you didn't experience the trauma that I did.

13-14 May 1998, the exact 14 years ago there were riots happened in some parts of Indonesia. It affected all of us, Indonesian citizens. No matter in which race group you belong. Either you chinese-indonesians, or native-indonesians, all of us suffered from the riots.

But , let's be honest. It's my race they yelled in furry and hatred. It's our houses and cars and belongings they grabbed and burnt. It's our relatives, friends, families they tortured , raped or killed. It's our eye shape and skin colour they hate.

I was only 7 when it happened. But I remember crystal clear , how they threw stones to our house. How they burnt our car. I can't forget how it felt to be afraid , having children in the house, having grandpa and grandma, and my mom- who was 8 month pregnant at that time while all we could do was praying and hoping the riot would end soon. Never in my life I saw such horror in my father's eyes, in my uncle's eyes, in everyone's eyes. The terror of losing the children, the pregnant wife, and the entire family.

The riot lasted for about 3 days. Thank God none of my family got hurt. The loss was minimal and it meant nothing to what our neighbours lost or what was grabbed from them. I know some who even lost their sanity, their soul. Not all of them were as lucky as my family.
We were blessed enough to be able to let some people protect our house. But I witnessed how our neighbours who lived opposite our house being executed forcely to leave their houses so those mindless morons could grab whatever they had and left them with nothing. Nothing. Not even a single spoon or a piece of underwear. It was God's grace that they're alive.

Okay now you might think that I dislike the other race, right? No I don't.
Because if I did, I wouldn't be in a relationship with a native Indonesian guy for almost 3 years now. Because if I did, I would only hang out with chinese Indonesian community here in Germany. The fact is, almost all of my great friends here are all native Indonesians.
So, No I don't hate native Indonesians. I know some of them were victims too. I know it's no good to generalize things.

But I'm often judged to be arrogance or snob for not likely attending Indonesian events held here in Germany. or because when it comes to patriotism, I have zero interest. I'm often judged as ''The nut that forgets its shell'' for restraining myself away from anything that has Indonesian flag on it.  Those people don't understand. They just don't.

I write this post because I know I have a lot of friends, from all over the world here through my blog. I want to tell the world what happened 14 years ago. I won't ask for justice as justice is one thing you can't get in my country. I only want people to know. I don't want people to forget what actually happened. I want those who were killed, or raped, or tortured to be remembered and not forgotten. Because no matter how many years have passed, there are certain things, that left a mark. 

In memoriam to those who we have loved and lost.

Thank you for reading this super long post. Thank you :)