Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wayne Goss foundation brush

I am a fan of Wayne Goss from Gossmakeupartist.. I find him very genuine and nice and charming ( his winks OMG ) and I like his short informative videos. So when he launched his line of make up brushes I was curious and wanted to order the whole range. Unfortunately it was the time when I was nearly broke after my splurge on a handbag. 

So I kind of forgot about the brushes until recently I spotted it on a local blog sale.. the brush was sold for €20 in a mint condition, comparing to the original at GBP 38 + GBP 10 shipping, €20 was a steal!

The foundation was to my surprise, pretty small-if not mini. It reminds me directly to my Shiseido foundation brush ( read further for comparison ) . The foundation has sleek black handle with Wayne Goss and 01 printed on it. A lot of people complained about the writings fading after time so I applied a clear top coat to protect it. 
The bristles are made of synthetic fiber and goat hair. It has angled shape and the bristles are not so densed as I thought it would be. The bristles are soft to touch but unfortunately I find it to be very scratchy..It mildly exfoliates and everytime I use it, my cheeks turn red because of the exfoliation. The bristles also absorb quite a lot of products. It blends liquid or cream foundation very well but it takes me awhile to make it flawless and not patchy. I feel like it needs time to buff the foundation into the skin ,the small size is also a little issue.   I tried almost all tipps on the internet but I just couldn't make it work.. 

In comparison to the Shiseido foundation brush, the Wayne Goss brush is less densed and a little bit bigger in size. The Shiseido one is softer and doesn't scratch my skin. The small size is also an issue as it requires more time to apply my foundation on my big big face, but I think it is purposely made to be small to be able to reach some small curves and parts of the face precisely so I will not complain too much about the size.
The Shiseido brush absorbs even more product than the Wayne Goss brush as you can see on the picture above. The shiseido sheers out the foundation and needs more layer to achieve the same coverage provided by Wayne Goss'.
I don't reach for the Shiseido one for foundation application but it works very well to apply concealer under my eyes and also for applying mineral / powder foundation .

Overall, I really want to like this brush as I really like Wayne and I believe he really is passionate with his work and it is no question that this brush is really well and finely made. But I guess it is just not for me. :(


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

After my encounter with the Luminous Silk Foundation, I was convinced by the brand Giorgio Armani beauty line. I've been wanting to get the CC lipsticks but I didn't like their consistency when I tried them on the counter so I went home with the Lip maestro and 2 nail polishes instead ( I will review the nail polishes on a separate post ). 

The lip maestro comes in a sleek transparent tube with a red cap. The tube is transparent so you can clearly see the color of the lip gloss instead. GA claims it to be highly pigmented lip gloss, but IMO it is more like a liquid lipstick / lip cream. I picked up the shade #503 or Fuchsia Red. 
Fuchsia Red is def just like the name advised. It is a reddish fuchsia, which I don't have any similar shades on my stash. I do have a lot of red lippies but nothing with fuchsia touch because I usually dislike fuchsia, only this one really caught my attention. 
Lip maestro has a nice not too thin and not too thick consistency. It has velvety feel and applies smoothly on the lips. It doesn't set into lip line and blurs out some lip imperfections I have. It doesn't feather nor bleed, so I don't think lip liner is a must. But it does transfer though to glasses and basically any other thing you touch with your lips. Be careful with it since this lippie doesn't dry up shortly after applied. It stays rather wet for quite a long time. 
Some people say it has matte finish which I disagree. I think the finish is more velvet rather than matte because it still gets some sheen going on. 
The pigmentation is the bomb! One swipe is def enough to cover everything. The doe foot applicator does its job very well and picks up perfect amount of product to cover the lips in one swipe. 
The staying power is amazing as well!! Look at the picts below for proof!

After ca. 6 hours with major eating, drinking, and blabbering.

As you can see from the after picts above, this lippie stayed on pretty well. Even after 5 hours with major eating , drinking and blabbering, it still stained the lips evenly. You can see that it dried up the lips a little but the problem could be easily solved with lip balm. 

Overall, lip maestro didn't dissapoint me. It is expensive at € 32,99 / 6,5 ml but I really think it is worth the price tag.

Have you tried the lip maestro? or anything from Giorgio Armani?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation

Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation was long on my wish list. I have heard a lot of good things about this foundation but was not able to get my hands on it because Shu Uemura is not available in Germany. On my recent trip back home to Jakarta and Singapore, I managed to finally pick up this foundation at Changi Airport Duty Free for a very reasonable price ( SGD$ 59 ) !

There were not a lot of shades available at Shu Uemura display at Changi, but luckily after some swatches I found my shade ; Medium Light Amber. It has slightly pink and beige undertone but is a good match for my skin.
The foundation comes in a set together with the sponge. The sponge is sold separately if you want to buy it without the foundation. Shu Uemura claims the sponge to be 'not just another beauty sponge'. It has high quality dense material and it is supposed to provide a flawless application. I personally like the sponge but I don't see anything extra ordinary. It is just a sponge with a unique shape. It performs well but the Real Technique sponge also performs just as good. And the white color is really a bad idea for my inner OCD. It is almost an impossible task to make it appear completely white after use  ( only the brush cleanser from Daiso can clean it completely but I have to soak it in water and the soap for a night ) .  Interesting is, that I find the sponge doesn't work in harmony with the lightbulb foundation. I find the foundation applies cakey and patchy when it is applied with the sponge. I don't have any problem when using the sponge for other foundation though. Weird, isn't it?
Anyway, when it is applied with brush, the foundation performs very well.  It has decent coverage and gives a very distinct glow so it lives up to the claim. The glow however could be a little bit too much for my combination skin especially in summer. So I usually top it with setting powder but the powder doesn't overcome the glow, it just 'calms' it a little bit so I don't end up looking like a greasy ball.
The foundation has creamy liquid texture. It applies smoothly and evenly. It definitely brightens up my complexion so I have to apply quite a lot of product to my neck otherwise I'll end up having 2 tone neck and face,  lol. Despite of the decent medium-full coverage, this foundation is lightweight and will not feel too much on the skin.
The longevity is great. I need to blot and retouch with powder every 3-4 hours which is fine for me and since this foundation doesn't promise anything in terms of oil control, I think I should not look at it as minus point.
This foundation is strongly scented, if you have sensitive nose then make sure you give it a smell before.

Overall I think this is a great foundation for dry to combination skin but maybe not a good idea for oily skin.. I will not reach for it a lot in summer, but I am sure it will work excellent in winter when my skin is getting a bit dryer.
Have you tried any foundation from Shu Uemura?


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Silk Blossom

I am a fan of Jo Malone.. I love their simple and unique scents, their packaging, their concept and their impeccable service.
I first saw Silk Blossom, their newly launched limited edition, during my trip to Singapore. But it was extremely marked up there so I didn't even sniff it. When I'm back in Berlin and on my 1st day back to work after holiday, I saw a big display of Silk Blossom at Jo Malone counter in a dept. store where I work . The pink display and the white-pink tassels.. I knew I wouldn't be able to say no... 

Jo Malone has a very poetic description of Silk Blossom on its website :

Nature’s blooms at their most tempting. The nectarous, pink-fringed pompoms of Silk Blossom. Irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies. Apricot-fresh with a touch of spice. Airy with clouds of powder-soft heliotrope, nestling on a bed of moss. Fruity and enticing.

Silk Blossom has moss and heliotrope as its base notes, rose petals, jasmine and silk tree blossom as middle notes and apricot , bergamot and white pepper as top notes. 
Silk Blossom smells mainly floral , fruity and powdery to me.. I can't really notice its spicy notes which is a pity because I would love it to be more spicy. It smells very powdery and floral upon spraying but then transforms into something zesty and fruity after awhile ( I guess the apricot.. )  which I am not a fan of.. I would prefer it to stay floral and powdery because the zesty scent makes it rather generic, reminds me of cheap spray colognes I had when I was a little girl. 

In general, Silk Blossom reminds me a little bit of Peony and Blush Suede.. But Peony and Blush Suede doesn't transform into zesty scent which makes it way better version in the floral-powdery category. 

Besides the rather generic scent, the longevity is also disappointing. I have some Jo Malone colognes and I must say they stay on very well.. But this one stays on for literally 1-2 hour then completely disappear which can't be tolerate for the price. 

Have you tried any Jo Malone cologne? Which one is your favorite?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy SHINE

If you have read my post here about the very talked about Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick, it was clear that I was not a fan of the newly launched lipsticks. But I stumbled upon this review from BunBun  and was lucky to spot the range when I was in Singapore. I assumed the shine version would be lighter and less heavy, so I picked up one shade ( which I later regret why I didn't pick up more T.T ). 

please excuse my facial hair O_o

The packaging is almost identical to the non shine version, only the shine version is slimmer and smaller. The color I picked up was Pink Dragon, a mauve light pink which is thankfully warm enough for my complexion. I consciously picked up lighter - more wearable shade because I wanted a lipstick that I could wear on daily basis ( though I was on the fence to get the reddish shades. :$ ) and Pink Dragon was a perfect choice. It appears natural yet flattering on the lips and gives a nice blushing shade to my whole complexion. I love that it doesn't appear too pale. 
The lipstick has completely different texture in comparison to the non shine ones imo. The shine ones are lighter, and have balmy-moisturizing texture. It glides on easily and smooth and doesn't set into the lip lines. It feels very comfortable on the lips, and it doesn't dry up nor peel off my lips. Despite of the balmy texture, the pigmentation is great! I would say, the texture is like how I imagined the Revlon lip butters would be. The Estee Lauder one is like the Revlon lip butters without chunky glitters, with more consistent pigmentation and a little more lightweight in texture. I also love the fact that the formula is very foolproof and forgiving that I don't need mirror to do touch up. 
I get the feeling that this lipstick gives an illusion of fuller lips, maybe because of the shiny-balmy finish. I notice no scent so it might be a good news for a lot of sensitive-nose out there!

Overall, It is pure love between me and the lipstick!! My family is coming to visit me in a month and I will def ask my mom to get me more colors all the way from Asia xD


Friday, 13 June 2014

MAC Sable

It doesn't happen often that I buy mono eye shadow. But I got a Douglas ( like german version of sephora ) gift card on my birthday so I decided to splurge on some stuffs I would most unlikely get with my own money. lol

( Anna Sui liquid foundation #201, Too faced chocolate bronzer, Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil #03, MAC sable eyeshadow, kiss me heroine liquid eyeliner, too faced better than sex mascara + fake eyelashes, Tarte amazonian clay blush #Tipsy, Kate moss rimmel london lipstick #07 )

Sable is a warm bronze shade with a slight hint of golden shimmer and it has frosty-shimmery finish. It doesn't contain any glitter particles which is better as glitters are not really my thing. 
Sable is a very similar shade to Urban Decay Toasted which is my favorite shade from the Naked palette ( the only shade I hit pan on ). I wanted to get Toasted while I was in Sephora Singapore but it was out of stock, and to buy the entire Naked palette just because of one shade is rather stupid so I thought Sable would be a great substitute.  But once applied, I must say that Sable is less reddish which makes it not as good as Toasted because I love the slight reddish tone from Toasted very much.  
Aside of the shade, MAC Sable has excellent quality. The texture is smooth and buttery soft. The pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is great.. It blends beautifully and applies smoothly. 
I've been enjoying Sable a lot lately despite of the 'unsimilarity' to Toasted. I love to wear Sable alone as the sheen is complex enough to perform solo.

Overall, MAC Sable has excellent quality which I think is nothing new as MAC eyeshadows are famous for that. It costs €18 on the pot and €12 for the refill / 1,5 gr. I think it is worth the price.

Have you got any favorite MAC eye shadow?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wild Ginger

I was very lucky to receive this lipstick from Tom Ford on my birthday in March. I was euphoric when I first opened the gift and saw little Tom Ford lipstick inside because I've been wanting to try Tom Ford lipstick for the longest time but still haven't caved in due to the unbelievably expensive price tag ( €48/ 3gr )!!
But huge thank you to a friend of mine who knows me so well and gifted me this baby on my birthday! <3

First of all, let us take a look at the packaging.. Tom Ford nailed it , in terms of luxury. The lipstick is housed in a  sleek black square edges case with gold lining. It is no question, a very sturdy and well made case. Only the black part catches fingerprints like crazy. The lipstick itself has beautiful TF embossed on the top which doesn't last very long as the TF disappears after few application. 
My friend picked up the shade Wild Ginger for me. She couldn't have done it any better since Wild Ginger is the shade I'd pick up for myself. Wild ginger is a reddish orange shade which I believe is going to suit a lot of skin tone. Wild ginger doesn't have any shimmer and has creamy-sheen finish.  Wild Ginger is an eye catching - flattering red. You might think I must have similar shades on my stash as I own 100000000000 red lipsticks. But no I don't! Wild Ginger is a unique shade of red. It is like as if tomato and orange get married.. 
Formula wise, Tom Ford lipstick has excellent formula. It is creamy and glides effortlessly on the lips. It doesn't set into lip lines and it is very pigmented. I was afraid it is going to be waxy and heavy like some MAC lipsticks or the newly launched Estee Lauder Pure color envy , but fortunately this one feels lightweight and comfortable on the lips. It is not drying as well so I don't need to apply lip balm beforehand. 
The staying power is impressive . I usually get 5-6 hours wear with only slightly rub off after eating or drinking. The color does transfer to glass but I think it's normal for bold color lipstick with non matte formula. 
The lipstick is lightly scented, nothing overwhelming.

Overall , I think Tom Ford lipstick is a all around winner. But does it worth the heavy price tag? Well to be honest, I think all of us - beauty junkie everywhere know, deep down inside that there is no lipstick really worth €46 for 3gr. It is all the name and the luxury feeling you buy which is not a bad thing, as it can boost up our mood and confidence sometimes. It is nice to splurge and spoil ourselves once in a while with a bit of luxury, isn't it?