Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick + Let's move to Bloglovin!

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My Bourjois collection starts to grow bigger and bigger. Bourjois is only limited available in Berlin but I travel quite often so it is not a problem to get my hands on Bourjois since it's widely available in a lot of countries.
I spotted this newly launched lipstick range on my trip to Riga-Latvia and picked up 2 shades ; #04 Rose Tweed and #05 Brun Boheme.

The lipstick comes in a sleek glossy black square-shaped tube. It is packaged elegantly and looks like something from the high end price range. I like Bourjois packaging in general, they look unique and very 'Bourjois' in a way and don't look cheap.

#04 Rose Tweed is a beautiful nude pink. It doesn't appear washed out on the lips, a very wearable shade. #05 Brun Boheme is a old dusky pink with a hint of brown. It leans more to light terracota shade on my lips.

#04 Rose Tweed

#05 Brun Boheme

Both lipsticks apply smoothly on the lips. They glide on with no effort but not in any way slippery. The texture is creamy but lightweight. The pigmentation is great but they can be applied directly from the bullet, no need for lip brush or lip liner because they don't bleed. They also don't set into the lip lines. The finish is a semi matte.
I really like how they feel on the lips , they feel very hydrating and moisturizing and I love how wearable both shades are. The staying power is average for a creamy-moisturizing lipstick.

This is what Bourjois say ;
It’s ready to wear formula is enriched with ¼ of pure laque for a radiant, glossy finish and orchid blossom extract so it glides onto the lips leaving them feeling smooth, hydrated and protected for up to 10 hours.
A “must-have” lipstick for every woman’s make-up bag. Tested and approved by fashion lovers.
Available in 18 fashionable shades from natural nudes to pretty pinks, colour-blocking corals and classic reds, there are so many to choose from! A shade for every outfit and style!
Stylish and sleek in design, it is the perfect fashion accessory for that trendsetting smile!

Overall, I love these lipsticks!


Friday, 28 June 2013

My Kind of Tiffany Blue

I am currently in a phase where I don't know what to wear on my nails even though I have tons of nail polishes I barely use.  So on my last trip to the local drugstore I decided to pick up one new nail polish and here it is :

I haven't had any similar nail polishes in my collection, so I picked up this shade. Manhattan nail polishes don't have names , they only have number and mine is shade 78C.  It didn't look very attractive on the bottle, but I had a feeling it would be different on the nails and I was right! 
78C is very close ( if not identical ) to the famous Tiffany blue shade, it is very pretty and I am really glad I decided to pick it up. It retails for 2,95€ / 11ml which is a justified price for the quality. Manhattan Lotus Effect nail polishes have good quality, nice pigmentation, easy and smooth application and they don't chip easily. I applied 2 coats of 78C on my nails then topped it with Essence Better Than Gel Nail Topcoat. 

What is your current favorite nail polish?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Outfit of The Day - Spring Summer Look Book #1

Hi guys!!
After the longest time ever, here is another outfit of the day from me. The quality is not the best I know , since it's difficult for me to take full body picture of myself without the help of remote camera or someone else. But I tried my best to give you a nice glimpse to my spring-summer outfit :)

PS : please mind the messy background. my apartment is similar to sunken titanic at the moment due to exams and hot summer days.

Denim Blouse : Clockhouse
Black Ankle Jeans : New Look Inspire ( the best jeans ever for curvy women )
Statement Necklace : Diva
Bag : Chanel 2.55 
Shoes : Deichmann

I would like to post more outfit posts in the future since for the past 1-2 years, I've reached a point where I finally feel really comfortable with my fat curvy body and I'd love to share through this blog that girls with more curves can also look good and follow the fashion trends. It is not an excuse to look shabby and bad only because we have more going on here and there ;P 
I hope you don't mind if I post my OOTDs more often in the future. :)


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Parfait - RD 514

I got this mini lipstick for free as GWP for my Shiseido purchase some times ago. I love products in mini size because they are cute and easy to carry, very travel friendly as well.
This lipstick is 2,5 gr which the full size is 4 gr , so it's a very decent size. This lipstick is from the Perfect Rouge Parfait range and the shade is RD 514.

Just like the regular Shiseido lipstick, this mini comes in a deep purplish black metal bullet. It is so cute and tiny and I love how they pay attention to such simple and small details.

#RD514 is a matte deep blue toned red. It is such a vibrant and bold shade. I have more than enough shades of red lipsticks but I can't find something very similar to this one. MAC Ruby Woo is less blue-ish , I think Rimmel London Kate Moss #01 might be the closest to this one.

The texture of the lipstick is very nice. It is creamy and glides on really easy on the lips.  Lip liner is not a must with this one as it doesn't bleed and very easy to apply even though it is very opaque. The pigmentation is just amazing. The formula is not drying at all and my lips feel well hydrated. I get a lot of compliments every time I have this lipstick on. My colleagues at work said they love the shade on me. I also wore this lipstick to one gala dinner I attended and it lasted the whole night with major eating, drinking and talking. 
This lipstick has glossy finish and the glossy coat fades off after 1-2 hours but it leaves a semi matte finish on the lips that lasts very long time. 
This lipstick also doesn't have any noticeable scent.

I overall love this lipstick very much, not only the color but also the formula. I'll definitely look at the other shades next time.

Have you ever tried Shiseido lipstick?


Friday, 21 June 2013

Lilas d'Or

I had the chance to get my hands on some Bourjois stuffs because a friend of mine was visiting Hamburg last week and Bourjois is available at Budnikowski drugstore in Hamburg so I sent him a list and he came back with all products on the list. Mission completed! 

If you read my post here, you'll find out how I was impressed with my first Bourjois little round pot blush. As much as I wanted to get more shades, I managed to limit myself to 1 shade since I am currently saving for my summer trip in September. And lilas d'Or looks like nothing on my stash so I decided to pick lilas d'Or.

Lilas d'Or is a peachy pink shade with a lot of golden shimmers. Lilas d'Or is said to be a close dupe for NARS Orgasm which I've been wanting to try for the longest time. I can't say much whether it's a dupe since I don't have NARS Orgasm, but from swatches I saw on the internet, it looks quite similar.

I must say , the shimmers are quite flaky and it is not a color I usually tend to use. But once applied, the shimmers blend together and don't look flaky. Instead, it gives a nice glow to the cheeks.
The texture is more on the powdery site but it hardens after some time just like the other baked blushes. The pigmentation is surprisingly not as bomb as I thought it would be. It applies quite sheer but I think it's good since the shimmers can make it look overdone when applied too much. I can imagine this shade looks very nice on darker complexion.

at 9,60€ Lilas d'Or is a very nice gem. It's all about time until I pick up other shades ^^.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Heme Perfect Sheer Purify Mineral BB Cream

I picked up this BB Cream from Watsons Singapore because it was on sale for 10SGD instead of its original price 30SGD, so I thought it was a very good deal so I took it even though I have never heard about the brand.
Later on I tried to do some research about the brand but I couldn't find anything on the internet. If I'm not mistaken, all the instructions are written in Chinese, so maybe it is a Chinese / Taiwanese brand. 

The BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube packaging, the best packaging for BB Cream in my opinion because it is easy to dispense, and also hygiene. The color of the packaging reminds me of baby product. 

This BB Cream surprisingly doesn't have any ashy / greyish undertone. It has yellow-beige undertone which suits my skin really well. The texture is liquid but not watery/slippery. It also has a subtle powder scent.


*Please mind my weird eyes because the flash was blinding*

First of all, I really like how it doesn't create any grey cast like usual BB Creams do. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly without being too white or too yellow. It evens out my complexion and it covers  up my redness and imperfections well. The coverage is good, I'd say it is light - medium coverage. But it still let my skin to glow and not being mask-ey. It also brightens up my skin and gives my skin a healthy-matte but natural finish. This BB Cream does have matte finish but it is not dry-dull-matte. It is more a healthy-slightly glowing matte ( If that makes sense ;P ). It feels so comfortable like I am not wearing any make up on and it feels lightweight on my skin without any heavy-stickiness feeling. It doesn't clog my pores as well.

This BB Cream blends really well too, I find it best working with beauty blender but it works just fine with my Real Techniques Buffing brush.

If I have to think of 1 downside, it might be the availability. I couldn't find this on ebay or any other online stores, so I believe it is only available in Asia. I have never heard of the brand either, so this might be a little bit tricky to stock up. Maybe my fellow asian beauty bloggers have any idea?

Another good things is, this BB Cream has SPF 30. Oh and it photographs well!

Overall I love this BB Cream. It does its job amazingly!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rose of Attraction

Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick range has been very hyped among the beauty community. If I'm not mistaken, the range is not yet available here in Germany. I was aware about the range from the lovely Paddy from Innenundaussen ( her blog is in german but lipsticks and blushes are universal language I believe :P ) so when I saw the range on the drugstore while I was in Riga, I was very excited. 
Unfortunately after I did some swatches, I was not really impressed with the texture, and the colors available, so I picked up only 1.

The packaging looks totally different from the ones Paddy showed on her blog, but after I did some researches, the packaging is different because I got the 'East Europe' edition since I bought it in Latvia. here . I personally prefer the american packaging because the one I got looks cheap and tacky with the bright transparant jelly pink bullet. 

I picked up the shade Rose of Attraction , a pretty bright pink with sheer pigmentation. The color is similar to my YSL sheer candy #4 but this one is less coral-y. It has some glitters which aren't really visible on the lips but are quite flaky I must say.

I had such a high expectation on this lipstick, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed. The texture feels very flaky because of the glitters. It feels like the lipstick has sand in it. The color I picked is very pretty though, but it appears on my lips much paler and washed out than it is seen on the pictures above. ( It looks very nice on the pictures, surprised me a lot, but sadly it doesn't look as nice on the real life.
The staying power is average but I didn't expect it to be impressive either. The texture of this lipstick is more slippery than balmy. Actually what I experienced from this lipstick is just all total opposite of what people experienced, so maybe I just got a one bad product. 

I am still curious to try on other shades as I believe I just picked up the wrong shade with this one.

Have you ever tried the Maybelline Color Whisper range? How do you like it?


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kanebo Media Cheek Color WT-1

Having combination to oily skin makes me not really a fan of highlighter. But my chubby cheeks need structure as well so I usually lean more to matte highlighter. Sadly, a good matte highlighter is very very very hard to find.
I was browsing around ebay and stumbled upon this 'looking like matte highlighter' from Media Kanebo. Media is a sister brand from Kanebo but more on the cheaper price level. It was only 7€ with free shipping so I ordered it! 

The highlighter comes in a plastic case, the case is filmsy and cheap looking but I don't really mind. It also comes with a mini brush that is surprisingly soft and nice for travelling. I got mind in shade #WT-1

WT-1 is indeed a matte white color with no shimmer but it has a sheen finish. The pigmentation is okay but not exceptional. The texture is soft and finely milled, fallout is minimal. 

On my cheeks, the highlighter is barely noticeable. I think it is because the powder is very fine and it blends really well that it is more like a powder rather than highlighter. The color is also more translucent once blended. But anyway I like the finish it gives to my skin. It gives a very subtle glow that looks very nice if I apply it subtly all over my face. It brightens up the whole complexion without making it too washed out. I'm sorry that my camera failed to capture the finish >.<

After all, it is not the highlighter I wanted but I still like to wear it as 'all over' highlighter to give my skin a nice - non disco ball - glow.

Please tell me your fave highlighter! <3