Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bellapierre 5 in 1 Compact Mineral Foundation

I was never aware of Bellapierre cosmetics brand before. I can remember I saw some of their products in my local TK Maxx for cheaper price but I was never interested to try, mainly because of their packaging doesn't look appealing and their price is relatively high.
But few weeks ago, I was browsing in Galeries Lafayette and one very nice SA asked me to try out their products. He was very nice and sweet I couldn't say no -___-
And as predicted, I went home with the 5in1 compact mineral foundation, 30% because I liked the finish on my face and 70% because of the SA was just very nice and I would feel bad walking home with empty hand. >.<

The SA said to me that this foundation is made of all natural ingredients that it is very safe for our skin and it will make my skin looking better after some time. He even suggested not to remove this foundation at night and sleep with it, which I don't dare doing. I had no experience with mineral make up before so I was a bit skeptical with his claims. He also told me that this foundation was meant to be an easy solution for busy women because it is all in one product. Foundation, concealer, setting powder, finishing powder and sunscreen.  

The foundation comes in a compact case which is made of very light-cheap looking plastic. It doesn't have a good weight and it looks very flimsy. I am not impressed at all with the packaging since the foundation is not cheap. It costs 39€ / 10 gr of product.

This is what Bellapierre said on their website :
Mineral pressed 5 in 1 Foundation compact BellaPierre Pressed mineral foundation, 5 in-1 is a natural mineral makeup which can be used as a concealer, mineral foundation, setting powder and SPF 15 protection all in one. Our mineral foundation is made with pure mineral pigments ground to the smoothest texture and bound with soothing Jojoba Oil. Our full-coverage mineral foundation is actually good for your skin. Our mineral foundation combines the beauty affects you desire, with the natural skincare you deserve.




My main problem with my face is redness, spider veins and some hyper pigmentations, it is not difficult to find foundation that works for my face as I fortunately don't deal with acnes and major blemishes. But I have combination skin that tends to get oilier especially in summer. It is summer now in Berlin and the weather has been freakingly hot lately. And it is difficult to find a good base make up that doesn't melt or make my face even oilier.
This foundation from Bellapierre provides a very buildable coverage, you can apply it very sheer, medium or even full coverage, something about the formula is very interesting. It also works well as setting powder without being cakey if you need touch up on the go ( the compact case is not good for touch up though , as it is very flimsy and the powder is very powdery so it gets messy ). 
It covers my imperfections very well though some red spots on my cheeks still need concealer. It feels very lightweight maybe because of the powder texture. I can feel that it doesn't cling on to my pores as well. 
I had no big expectation on this foundation as my main reason buying it, was only because of the nice SA, but after more than 2 weeks wearing this foundation, I must say I started to love it. It is perfect for the hot temperature now because it keeps my face not greasy for a long time. I use my Benefit Porefessional as primer and sunscreen from Paul&Joe under this foundation but I don't really need to use concealer under my eye area, only on some little spots on the cheeks.
The finish is very natural like 2nd skin. I was worried at first because of the powder texture it might look mask-like and patchy but luckily it doesn't. 

It is overall a very very nice foundation and it deserves more attentions. But they really should work on the packaging as it doesn't look expensive at all. Other than that, if you have access to Bellapierre where you live, ask for sample first and give it a chance. You'll be surprise.

Have you ever heard of the brand before?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm

Another beauty brand that jumps on the chubby stick band wagon ; Catrice. As a general fan of Catrice product and also this new chubby stick hype, I was surprised and excited when I found this new line of lipstick-balm-in pen form on my local drugstore as the press release said it won't be out till August. There were only 4 shades available at that moment ( the press release said 8 ) and I decided on this redish shade ; I don't Red It.

The new pure shine color lip balm from Catrice comes in a packaging that looks very very similar to the one from Clinique. The material of the packaging though, feels a bit different on my hands. The one from Clinique feels heavier and more sturdy while the one from Catrice feels more plasticky. But I don't see it as a minus point since the one from Catrice costs only 4,99€ while the Clinique one costs 19,99€.

I don't Red It is a sheer tomato red with glossy-balmy finish. The texture is very balmy and moisturizing and more similar to the chubby stick one, if I compare it with another version from Astor which is more similar to Revlon Lip Butter. 
The pigmentation is sheer to medium but I like to apply it sheer as it looks more natural and pretty. It looks like my lips are naturally plump and red. 
It applies very easy and glides on smoothly on the lips. It doesn't accentuate the lip lines as well.

The staying power is okay, around 2 -3 hours with no major eating. I am very happy with this new trend as they are easy to apply, looks natural on the lips and cause no fuss especially on hot summer months.
Good job, Catrice!


Friday, 26 July 2013

Shades of Grey

No, this post is not going to be about Mr.Grey but about grey nail polishes ;P
I've been wearing grey a lot on my nails recently. There is something about grey that makes it look shoppisticated, smart but not boring. Agree? 

  1. Essence Colour & Go #142 "Grey to Be Here" - It is a sheer light grey nail polish with micro shimmer particles. It needs 3 coats to get opaque as it is quite sheer. 
  2. P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Nail Polish #020 "Business Woman" - The name fits perfectly as it is a very nice and office appropriate color. It leans a bit towards lavender. The formulation of this gel look nail polish from p2 is great. 
  3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #312 "Greige" - My absolute favorite. It is the true grey shade, a bit darker than the others. I love the formulation and it stays on for dayyyys without chipping. Love love love
  4. Manhattan Nail Polish #005 - This shade is a very pretty lighter grey. I always like Manhattan nail polishes as they have nice quality for affordable price.
  5. Art Deco Ceramic Nail Lacquer #108 - A more blue-ish grey , looks similar to the Manhattan one, only a little bit darker in color. The formulation is a bit thick and creamy but it applies smoothly and not gloopy. But it chips easily no matter what top coat I use.
Do you like grey nail polish? What is your favorite grey nail polish?

PS : btw, did you read the book 50 shades of grey? do you like it? I have read it and i found it fun and interesting,but it is for me just another romance popcorn chicklit with a bit of erotic touch. But I am excited for the movie. :D


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's in My Bag + What's in My Make Up Bag

It's been more than a year since my last 'what's in my bag' post , and fellow beauty bloggers have been doing this post recently so here I jumped on the same wagon and let me show you what's in my bag + my make up bag that I carry wherever I go.

I took different 2 pictures with 2 different contents because I forgot to put my sun glasses, my phone and my tictac on the 1st picture so don't be confuse about it =D
  1. My phone charger. Who can live without a charger now?
  2. My make up bag
  3. My bright pink wallet
  4. My much loved sun glasses
  5. Tic Tac
  6. Tissue
  7. Wet tissue
  8. Passport
  9. My phone ( it's samsung galaxy s4 )
  10. Sun Block ( on the 1st pic )
  11. Headset ( on the 1st pic )
I've been trying to carry less stuffs recently because I got back pains and my doctor told me to carry less stuffs in my bag so I try my best to only carry the stuffs I really need.
My bag is Rebecca Minkoff Large Affair Shoulder Bag in Burgundy. I bought it around last week and I am so happy with it. I've been looking for the perfect everyday bag that is not too small or too big and this bag is perfect. It is well made and the leather is so smooth and soft and durable. I think it is def worth the price, the quality is comparable to the more high end brands. ( you can view 360' view of this bag, here on my instagram profile ).

Now let's see what I carry in my make up bag : 

I got this make up bag for a cheap price in china town Singapore. I love how thin and lightweight it is, def not bulky so it's perfect to throw inside any kind of bag.

  1. MAC Blot pressed powder - I now wonder why it took me very very long time to get my hands on this magic powder. It is indeed a magic powder for people who struggle with oily Tzone. I am in love with this powder.
  2. KIKO Waterproof liquid pencil eyeliner - a very convenient eyeliner for a touch up. 
  3. Essence Lip liner in Red - I always carry red lipstick, so red lip liner is a must as well.
  4. Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick #111 -  a matte red lipstick , just in case I need to change my make up look from day to night.
  5. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Blushing Berry - my go to lipstick at the moment.
  6. Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry - On the days where my lips are dry and chappy, this is the only product I apply on my lips.
  7. Essence Cream blush in Ice Bomb - cream blush is easy for touch up and this one applies beautifully with fingers.
  8. Benefit They're Real Mini mascara - My holy grail mascara in mini form, how to say no?
  9. Thierry Mugler Alien - a mini perfume will come in handy especially in hot summer days.
  10. Hair clips , hair ties and bobby pins because I have long long hair.

I also try to carry less products on my every day make up bag and these stuffs are really what I need the most for touch up for daily basis. 

Do you find it fun to look at what's inside other people's bags? Because I do :D


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Top 5 Summer Lips

After a loooooooooooong gloomy winter, it is now finally summer here in Berlin. I am to be honest not a summer person, I hate it when it's warm and humid. I love it when I can still wear outerwear / jacket and when the weather is cool and breezy. But even a winter child  like me needs a bit of sunshine after a very long long deep winter and let me show you my top 5 summer lip colors!

( in random order ) :

  1. Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Fruity Orange - I am not usually wear orange on the lips but in Summer, why not? 
  2. Astor Lip Butter in Unguilty Pleasure - Very similar to Maybelline Blushing Berry but it is a bit  more sheer. 
  3. Maybelline Color Sensational in Blushing Berry - Brilliant formulation, very comfortable on the lips, easy to apply and the color suits any occasions. 
  4. YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy in Succulent Pomegranate - The last time I remember, it has more a coral hint to it, but now it looks more like a barbie pink to me. It confuses me a bit -.- But anyhow it is a nice kind of Barbie Pink because it has slightly coral undertone so it is more friendly for asian complexion.
  5. Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick #111 - A very bright matte chili red with a hint of orange undertone. It is not too dark for summer, and I believe red is suitable for any kind of season.





What is your favorite summer lip colors?


Friday, 19 July 2013

Canmake Powder Cheeks #PW18

Canmake is a japanese drugstore brand that is available in some asian countries. I've been wanting to try their blushes as they're quite famous around the beauty community.
The lovely Sharlynn from The Blackmentosbeautybox gave me this Canmake powder blush on our beauty swap few months ago. She said this one is her favorite. Thank you Sharlynn!! <3

She got me the powder blush in shade #PW18. It is a bright coral-orange shade with superfine micro golden shimmers. The blush comes in a simple transparent plastic case and also comes with a mini brush. The case is small and compact, though a bit filmsy so I'm not sure if it's safe for travelling.

The blush has a sheen-satin finish. It is such a beautiful shade that gives a nice coral flushed on the cheeks and makes you look younger ;). The pigmentation is very good, but not overly stark. The texture is smooth but a tad powdery. It blends easily as well. 
A lot of people prefer the cream version rather than this powder version. I haven't tried the cream blush but I did swatch it at the counter and I didn't like the texture at all. So I think the powder one is better for my skin type.
The staying power is good, it stays on my cheeks for 4-5 hours before starting to fade. 

I overall love this color, it gives such a nice finish and beautiful color on the cheeks.

Have you tried Canmake blushes?


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal

I've been looking for a very good, long wearing - water and oil resistant pencil eye liner to be worn on my waterlines / tightlines but had not yet found a great one as most of them still smudge on me, mainly because I have watery eyes and oily lids + warm temperature at the moment.
Black eyeliner is something I wear on daily basis. I usually wear liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line and pencil eye liner on the tight lines, but they always smudge after 1-2 hours. I have tried countless brands from drugstore to high end but none of them have really worked well on me.
One day I was browsing through asos and they were having sale on Rimmel London products. (I guessed it was because Rimmel London is leaving the German market now which I am really sad about.) So I decided to try on some Rimmel products and these scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal landed on my shopping cart. They were discounted from 6€ to 3,95€ each.

I've read a lot of good reviews on them being very long wearing , smudge proof and cheap but I didn't have much expectation as I have spent some money on more expensive products but they still didn't perform well. 
But I was very well surprised to see how good they actually are. They have soft and creamy texture but not so creamy or slippery. They glide on smoothly even on the tightlines or waterlines and they don't tug my lids. And what impressed me the most is, the fact that they stay on and don't smudge for hours which never has never happened to me before. *teary eyes*
I usually apply the nude on on my lower lash lines to open up my eyes a little bit and apply the black on on my upper tightlines.
However, removing them is not the most exciting part as they are very waterproof so an oil based eye make up remover is a must. 

Now that I know Rimmel London is leaving the German market completely ( which I can't understand WHY?! First Revlon, and now Rimmel T.T ) , I managed to order some more from asos sale as back ups. 

What is your holy grail eye liner?


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mini Diablotine

Working part time in a is a dream side job for a shopaholic like me. I made friends with a lot of SAs from various brands from beauty / make up brands to bags and clothings which results in me getting a lot of back door discounts or beauty samples.
Like recently, I received this cute mini Dior Addict Lip gloss which I have been wanting to try because this particular shade ; Diablotine has been very loved and hyped among the beauty bloggers.

The mini lip gloss comes in a very cute mini tube which is identical to the full size version , only smaller. The full size version has 6ml and this one has 2ml, so it is a pretty decent sample. I love how they put so much effort on the packaging.

Diablotine is a beautiful peachy coral shade with micro golden shimmer. The pigmentation is rather sheer to medium, and it can be worn alone or as a top gloss. The texture is very glossy, it is a bit sticky but still lightweight. It feels comfortable on the lips and I can understand why people love it. But to be honest, it is lacking in 'luxury' factor for me. The only thing luxurious is the packaging, because the formula is not something groundbreaking. The full size retails for 28,95€ which is very expensive for what it is. Don't misunderstand me, as I do think it is a nice product, but for the price, I expect something more.

Overall, I am happy that I got to test it for free because I would be disappointed if I have bought the full size version with my own money. 
It is a nice and pretty lip gloss, perfect for every day use but I think you can get the same quality for cheaper price from the drugstore.

PS : Dupe alert! I compared this one to the one from Catrice and they look really similar. :D