Thursday, 31 January 2013

Worth The Hype #2 ?

Hello guys!! Here is part 2 of my 'Worth The Hype?" serie. ( See my 1st part HERE ).
Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara is really famous and loved and hyped here in Germany. As some of you might have known, Essence is a drugstore brand with really affordable price. It is a German brand, so it's even cheaper here .

I Love Extreme Mascara comes in a black plastic tube with its name written in a bright hot pink color. I love the packaging and the contrast between black and hot pink.

The wand is HUGE like really HUGE. And huge mascara brush/wand is a big enemy for my super short pathetic barely there lashes. The huge brush makes the application really difficult because I always get mascara on my lids.



Despite of the huge brush, this mascara is not a bad mascara. The consistency is a bit wet, which I like. It separates my lashes well and also it elongates my lashes. But I don't see that it gives enough volume to my lashes as the name promises. For a drugstore product, I think it is a really good one, though I still prefer my Benefit They're Real mascara over this one..
Does it worth the hype? I think it depends. I can totally understand why a lot of people love it. I meant, my lashes are basically nothing to start with, and it does make my lashes look longer and curler and visible so I can't really blame this mascara. But in other hand, I also think that this mascara isn't groundbreaking enough and I am sure that there is at least one mascara on the drugstore price segment that is better than this one but doesn't get so much attention.
So to conclude this post, for me, this mascara doesn't really worth the hype.

PS : retails for 2,75€/ 12 ml


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mega Melon

If you read my 1st chubby stick post, I wrote that I would not buy another color except they're on sale for 50% off. As a man of my word , when I found this mini version of chubby stick for 6€, I took this home. ( okay, mathematically it's not 50% off because it's not a full size, but anyway.... ;P ).

There was only 1 shade available that I spotted which is ; Mega Melon. The mini version comes in almost identical design, only the cap is different. The mini version comes with a plastic cap while the full size has metal cap. I think the mini version is really practical to be carried inside my bag.

Mega melon is a orange-coral shade with a hint of pink. The texture is typical chubby stick which is balmy and moisturizing. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side, but in comparison to Super Strawberry, Mega melon is more pigmented. 
Formula wise, I've been into balmy lip products lately ( mainly because of winter season , because matte lipstick in winter is a nightmare ) . I like the texture and formulation of Chubby Stick because it is moisturizing and it feels hydrating and smooth on my lips. 

Overall, I am happy with this purchase, especially because I picked it up only with 6€. The mini version doesn't really bother me as I rarely use up a product because I regularly switch the products I use. 

Have you tried this Chubby Stick? or do you have any recommendation for balmy-lipstick?

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I have recently rediscovered some products that I used to love ( or even used to dislike ). I haven't used these babies for quite awhile but just recently use them on daily basis.

  • YSL Creme de Blush #02 in Powdery Rose - I used to really really love this cream blush from YSL. But since I have unnecessary zillion other blushes, this one is kinda forgotten.  It has cream to powder finish which gives a really nice natural flush to my cheeks. The pigmentation is a bit sheer, but I don't mind it at all . 
  • Catrice Matte Bronzer  - This was my holy grail bronzer before I met my P2 bronzer ( which I hit pan already and it's limited *HELP!!*) but since my P2 is getting near and near to the end, I slowly coming back to this one.
  • Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation - I know I know, I wrote that I didn't like this foundation, BUT since it's now winter in Germany and my combination skin is now normal skin with some dry patches which I have NEVER had in my life before ( my skin has always been combination to oily, but now it's normal and feels a bit dry *dislike* ), I decided to give it another go since it was too oily for me. ( I find it works the best when applied using beauty blender instead of brush, because brush tends to make the finish looks cakey and streaky ) And voila! it is now perfect for my skin and I've been using it often recently. I believe I'm going to get the full size soon.
  • Benefit High Beam - As you've read above about my recent skin condition, I feel like I can wear more highlighter to give my skin a bit more glow , and this baby is just perfect especially in misty cold winter, a bit glow won't hurt ;)
  • DIOR 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow - First of all, I'm sorry but I can't find the name nor the number of this palette because I got it from a friend of mine whose aunty owns a beauty store and this one is actually an unused sample. That's why it doesn't come with the normal packaging. I have owned this for like 2 years, but it was never my favorite, simply because I find all the colors are too shimmery too sheer and too frosty ( I put the swatches below ). But I rediscovered it recently and I've been wearing the white and peachy shades often. The white shade is really good for lower lash line and inner corner highlighting and it stays literally the whole day. 
  • Catrice Las Vegas LE Transparant Fixing Powder - I like how finely milled the powder is, and also the finish it gives is so fine and smooth. 
  • Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Color in #200 - A really nice, easy wearable everyday nude-pink lipstick.

A look using all the re-discovered product

Products used :


  • Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation
  • Catrice Las Vegas Transparant Fixing Powder
  • Maybelline FIT ME Concealer #15
  • Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadows
  • Essence I love stage Eye shadow base
  • Essence Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
  • Lancome Pencil Eye Liner in Black
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • MUA Brow Kit
  • YSL creme de blush in powdery rose
  • Benefit High Beam
  • Catrice Bohemia bronzer
  • Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Colour #200


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shades of Nude

In my previous post HERE, I posted my red lipsticks collection and swatches and now I think it's time for nude lippies!

Please pardon the bad lighting because it makes the lippies look more orange than nude. lol

Once again, please pardon the lighting because it makes the swatches look less nude.

From left to right :

  • MAC Flash Play : It is a muted rosewood nude shade. It is a wearable nude for every day use because it is not too pale and also doesn't wash me out. The only problem is, I am not a fan of MAC lipstick formula in general,so I don't really reach for it quite often.
  • Rimmel Airy Fairy : I think Airy Fairy is one of the most famous nude lipstick for a drugstore brand. You can't really see it in picture below, but for me, it is a bit too pale. I always have a feeling that I look 'dead' every time I have this on. 
  • Maybelline Desert Bloom ( I wrote Desert Rose on the swatch picture above which is false ) : This is a dupe for my fave nude lippie ever which is Maybelline watershine in shade #BM41. Desert Bloom is a really nice nude for every day, it's kind of "my lips but better" lipstick. And it's so comfortable on my lips.
  • Rival de Loop #24 : It's a matte peachy nude lipstick. It's a bit drying because it is so matte but I like the color pay off and the peachy hint.
  • Maybelline Watershine #BM41 : My holy grail nude lipstick. The texture is creamy and it has glossy finish. The color is not too pale, just the right amount of nude for my complexion. Every time I don't know which lipstick I should wear, I always go with this one. Unfortunately, this watershine range is available only in Asia because I can't find it here in Germany, or some european countries I have ever visited. 
  • Catrice Lipstick #190 : A super pale nude lipstick with beige undertone. I usually don't wear it alone because it's too pale , so I layer it with pink lip gloss. But the texture , the color pay off and staying power are great. 
  • Catrice Lipstick #200 : This one leans more to pale pink but it doesn't wash me out. I love Catrice lipsticks in general. They have simply great quality for drugstore brand.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss #08 : Another peachy nude lipstick with a bit of pink undertone. I know it sounds complicated, but it's a beautiful color. I am also a fan of Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in general. Too bad only limited shades available in Germany.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss #07 : To be honest, this one is really similar to its sister in shade #08., only this has less peachy undertone but anyhow still wearable and not too pale. 

Do you wear nude lipstick often? Which one is your holy grail?


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

H&M Eye Shadow Quad

As you see on my previous post HERE, I picked up some H&M cosmetics on sale. And today I have another eye shadow palette to show you.

"Made with Passion" comes in a sturdy clear acrylic , typical H&M cosmetic packaging. It comes also with a sponge applicator. I like the simple yet durable and shopisticated case.

*please mind the lipstick stains*

"Made with Passion" has 4 shades, from a frosty pink to matte black with a bit of silver glitter particles. The pigmentation is okay, but not groundbreaking. The texture crumbles a bit and doesn't feel smooth. The glitters are also a bit flaky. But for the 2€ I paid, I think the quality is not that disappointing.

In comparison to these eye shadow duos from H&M, I think this one is a thumbs down.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Essence All in One BB Cream

I was surprised to find the display of some Essence new products at Karstadt few days ago. I think their new products aren't supposed to enter the market before February but anyway I am happy that I spotted it sooner.

The BB Cream comes in a squeezing tube packaging. Design wise, it does remind me a bit of asian BB Creams.

The BB Cream comes in 2 shades, but shade #01 was too orange for my liking, so I took shade #02 which leans more to beige-natural undertone.

The BB Cream has liquid - almost watery consistency. I was skeptical at the beginning, but it is actually not that bad. It is very easy to blend, and I applied it using my fingers and then put another layer with my 'beauty blender' for some more coverage.( not the original beauty blender, but the one I got from H&M which is surprisingly really really good! ). The coverage is really sheer but is buildable. As far as I've noticed, it doesn't have any typical 'greyish-ashy' asian BB Creams undertone .
It claims to moisturize and smoothen the complexion and I think it manages to live up the claims. It also contains SPF 30 which is quite high for 'western' BB Cream but I have nothing against it!
It feels comfortable on my skin, and also lightweight. Sometimes BB Creams feel a bit thick on my skin but this one doesn't. 



1st layer does even out my complexion and brightens it up. But you can see some spots on my cheeks aren't well covered. I am not looking for a full coverage with this BB Cream, but I want just a bit more 'camouflage'. 

Please pardon my weird different colored eye brows. I was testing my new brow kit from MUA.

The 2nd layer evens out my complexion and covers my imperfections better than as seen with 1st layer.  But even with 2 layers it still comes out sheer which I like because it also looks natural and my skin can still glow underneath. My only concern is that , this BB Cream has dewy finish and can get oily after few hours, so powder is a must here. My skin is now kinda dry because of winter and I think , my skin is now more a normal to combination rather than combination to oily. I am a bit worried that this BB Cream would be too greasy for me in summer, but at least in colder months I know it won't be a problem.

To be honest, I bought this BB Cream only out of curiosity without any expectation , but surprisingly I kinda like this BB Cream and I am happy that I decided to get it ;)

It retails for 3,99€/ 30 ml.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Protector

This lip gloss / balm has been receiving a lot of attentions around the beauty community and a beauty victim like me, just couldn't resist the temptation to try this one out especially because it comes from one of my fave brand ever ; Clarins!

I took shade #01 in Rose Shimmer.

The lip protector comes in a squeezing tube with a sponge? applicator tip. The applicator will get dirty easily so I recommend to clean it with make up wipes regularly. 

Rose shimmer is a sheer pink gloss that leans more to nude pink on the lips. The pigmentation is barely visible but it gives my lips a much healthier look and shine. I feel like it smoothens my lips and it hydrates and moisturizes as well which is really good in winter because my lips get dry very very easy.  As I am not really a fan of having no color on my lips, I don't really fancy wearing the gloss alone. So I usually wear it as a top lip gloss over my every day lipstick. It gives a really nice shine without being sticky or oily looking.
The smell is also divine. It smells like cotton candy, sweet but not overpowering.

applied alone

layered over lipstick

I am usually not a fan of lip gloss but this one is an exception. I now have an obsession of applying this lip gloss over any lipstick I am wearing. It retails for 17€ /12ml and worth every single cent.

Have you tried this lip protector?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Worth the Hype?

A lot of fellow beauty bloggers have done 'best of 2012' posts, and some of them even did a survey that allows the readers to vote for their fave products ( just like did ). Almost on all surveys that I read ( from fellow german bloggers ), this Manhattan clear Face Compact Powder won the prize as the best compact powder. Even against high end brand. So out of curiosity, I picked this up. 

The powder comes in a plastic case with transparant cap . The case is a bit filmsy but for 3,95€, I can't complain much. It also comes with a sponge in funny shape which is quite good. I wish it came with mirror too, so I don't have to carry a separate mirror.

The powder feels so smooth and buttery. It is finely milled and fallout is minimal. The powder is not translucent so you have to find the right shade for your complexion. 



Once applied, I was surprised at how pigmented the powder is. It covers my imperfections , redness and hyper pigmentations pretty well. It evens out my complexion too. Texture and formula wise, it reminds me a bit of MAC blotting powder, but with more pigmentation. 
This powder also keeps my face matte for ca. 5 hours straight which is impressive. 
One downside is , that it can accentuate dry patches , so make sure your skin is well moisturized .

Conclusion : does it worth the hype? absolutely. I wish I discovered this earlier. This powder is so good!