Sunday, 30 December 2012

MAC Cranberry and Face of The Day!

I finally bought my first MAC eye shadow! *yey* . I have been wanting to try Cranberry and Satin Taupe but every time I entered MAC Store I always feel overwhelmed with the huge variety of products and also the MUAs are usually always busy with other customers so I usually end up walking away buying nothing.
But last week I was so bored after work so I decided to play around MAC Counter at the I work and after some swatches, fell in love with Cranberry. ( Satin Taupe is a bit too cool toned for me, imho ).

I struggled with the lighting to catch the true color of Cranberry. I hope you can still see the color clear enough even though the lighting isn't the best.

Quality wise, Cranberry is really really good. Now I can understand why people are willing to spend 13€/17€ on one single eye shadow. The pigmentation is great, and the texture is soooooo smooth and buttery with ZERO fallout. The frost finish is beautiful and iridescent. I am now considering to buy my  first MAC Eye shadow palette but still not sure if I really really need it since I have already a lot of eye shadows. -___- #1stworldproblem

Here I have another FOTD to show you how I do eye make up using Cranberry. It's not the easiest color to begin with, since its reddish undertone could make my eyes end up looking tired. But if combined and blended well, Cranberry is one of the most beautiful eye shadow color I own. 

Here in this picture I hope you can see the reddish tone of Cranberry pretty well!

Are you a fan of MAC Eye shadow in general? Which shade is your favorite and how do you like the look I created ? ;)

Have a nice day!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Rimmel 9in1 BB Cream

Hello friends!!
I got this sample from Glamour UK magazine December's edition and I was so happy and excited to try this on since Rimmel is one of my fave drugstore brand so I had high expectation.

I can't talk a lot about the packaging since I only got the sample, but I know they come in a squeeze tube.

When I first opened the sample, I was surprised to see the consistency, because it looked like it was not well mixed and separated. Maybe in full size product, you should shake it well before use? I hope you get what I meant by looking at this picture above.  

The consistency is a bit watery but at the same time it feels thick. It also has a strong scent that gives me  stinging headache. The shade #light is the perfect shade for my winter skin, it might be a bit too light for my summer skin though.


Just like the name, this Rimmel BB Cream claims to give you 9 advantages in 1, which is :
  1. Prime : I think as long as the primer is concerned, it is more a foundation to me. It is too thick and too full coverage for being a primer.
  2. Moisturize : I always use moisturizer before using any make up product so I can't say much about this BB Cream being moisturizing enough.
  3. Minimizing pores : Oh it definitely does the opposite!! It makes my pores looking even bigger  and it clings on every dry patches that I have ( not that I have a lot, but still... ). 
  4. Conceal : I think concealing is one thing that this BB Cream does well. Because of the nice coverage, it does conceal my imperfections. 
  5. Covers : It has medium coverage but the feeling of super full coverage. It feels extra thick and I feel like wearing a mask the whole day.
  6. Smooth : Not at all! -____-" and it is also difficult to apply because of once again ; the thick consistency. I tried to use Real Techniques Stippling Brush and my p2 beauty blender but none of them worked well.
  7. Mattify : It gives a mattifying finish but also it tends to be cakey after few hours. The oil control isn't good either.
  8. Brighten : Hmm, to be honest I can't say a lot about it, but compare to another BB Cream I have, this one doesn't really brighten up my complexion. It does even out my skin tone, but brighten up ? not really.
  9. Helps protect : It has SPF 25 which is a plus point. But once again, compare to asian BB Creams that usually have SPF 40++, I don't think this one is enough for BB Cream.
So, overall I unfortunately must say I don't like it at all. I don't like how thick it feels on my face, and also the strong smell I just couldn't handle. I usually don't mind scented make up but this one is too overwhelming. I am glad that I got to test the sample first because it helps me save my money. I can't recommend it to you guys. :/


Thursday, 27 December 2012


Hey friends!!
Today I'm going to show you my current favorite body scrub / body peeling from LUSH. I am such a LUSH junkie and almost 90% of my shower is filled with LUSH Products from shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body butter, etc etc etc.

After reading this review from lovely Karo HERE, I literally went to LUSH store the next day and picked this up!  

LUSH has a policy like MAC, if you're familiar with back to MAC, you'll understand how it works. So basically you bring 5 cleaned empty packagings from LUSH ( I believe it doesn't work for the bottle packaging, only the black pots ) and you'll get one full size of their fresh face mask worth of 10€ if I'm not mistaken.

When my boyfriend first saw this, his comment was : " Are you now crazy using detergent as body scrub??" LOL.
I can totally understand him because it does remind me of detergent, esp the color and the texture of it. But apart from the not so appealing look, this body scrub does the job really really well. My skin feels soooooo smooth and silky after using this scrub. It doesn't irritate my skin even though I use it almost every single day. I have extremely dry skin on my elbow and it is getting better after I used this scrub.
The scent isn't the most delicious since LUSH products usually smell like heaven, but this one doesn't smell bad either. It smells like the ocean or beach. 

The pot packaging is not the best one since I always take more products than I need and sometimes in the shower it's also easy for some water to slip in, but tbh I can't think of any better packaging because of the thick consistency, squeeze tube or bottle are not good options either.

Price wise, Rub Rub Rub is a bit on the expensive side. For 245ml It retails for 14,35€. One pot lasts me for about a 3 weeks. 

Do you like LUSH products too? Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Peach Sheen

Here is another FOTD from me!! I was in the mood to wear matte red lipstick to work so I chose subtle light color for my eyes apart form my usual brown / bronze-y look, I did a peach sheen look that I surprisingly like ;) What do you think?

Sorry for my messy brows!

Products I used :

  • Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation in Rose Clair
  • Maybelline FIT ME Concealer #15
  • Essence Loose Powder
  • Rimmel Matte Bronzer in Medium
  • Burberry Light Glow blush in Blossom

  • Essence Eye Shadow Base
  • MUA Undressed Palette
  • Essence Gel Eye Liner in black
  • Essence Pencil Eye Liner in black
  • Clinique Bottom Lash mascara
  • Essence clear brow gel
  • Kryolan Brow Powder in Medium

  • Essence Lip Liner in Red
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in #111
How was your christmas?? Mine was really fun and festive! :D

Monday, 24 December 2012

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Just a quick post saying merry christmas to you all!!
May our lives be filled with joy, grace and mercy!

Enjoy your precious time with family and friends and beloved ones! 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Siberian Call

Catrice recently launched a new limited edition called Siberian Call. From the first press release, I was already interested in some of the products, especially the baked eye shadows and cream to powder blushes. The design is not something really fancy but I sometimes prefer it to be simple and functional rather than too much.

Mountain Baked Eyeshadow in "Rest in The Forest"

Catrice is quite famous for the eye shadow, so I picked up this mono baked eye shadow and it didn't disappoint me. Quality wise, it is nicely pigmented, and finely milled. Fallouts are minimal and the texture is soft especially if you apply it wet, it feels almost creamy. It stays on really well on my oily lids and it has kind of sheen - iridescent finish to it. Love it!

CORAL - AL- AL - AL Cream to Powder Blush

heavy swatch !

Coral - al-al-al ( what a name!! ) cream to powder blush is basically a cream blush which transforms into powder finish once applied. The texture is unique, so it doesn't feel like a cream blush because if you rub it with your fingers, it feels like a powdery cream, if that makes sense. -___-. And once applied it gives you a matte finish, not dewy like any other cream blushes.
I had high expectation on it , earlier this year, Catrice had once brought a cream to powder blush in one of its LE, and it was really really good. I expected Coral - al-al-al to be at least the same in terms of quality and finish. But unfortunately it isn't. Coral - al-al-al doesn't give much color ( I had to swipe my brush about 4 times to make it looks like on pictures above ), and it doesn't stay on well either. If you want a really sheer cheek color, you may find it nice. But I prefer more color on my cheeks esp in winter. ( I love to have flushed cheeks in winter! ;) )

PS : I bought the nail polish for my sister, so I didn't test it on my nails! ;)

Btw, Have a merry merry merry christmas guys!! 


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Meet Clara Sugandy..

Meet Clara Sugandy!!
Clara Sugandy is a fashion designer based in Jakarta-Indonesia. She graduated from Susan Budiharjo School of Fashion in 2011 and now working on her own label, Clara Sugandy.
Her works have been featured in some of local and even international medias such as Indo Pos, AMICA, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and etc etc.

Clara is my best best best friend. We have been friend for like 14 years and we went to the same school from primary school-junior high-and high school together. Even though we are now living separately because I live in Berlin and she lives in Jakarta-Indonesia, we never break the contact. 
Long story short, let me show you some of her works.

Those 3000 !! leaves are all handmade and sewn together to create this beautiful dress.

She also does mens wear!

If you are interested in any of her works, don't hesitate to contact her at

I wish you all a lovely Sunday and have yourself a merry little christmas! <3 <3

Friday, 21 December 2012

Burberry Sheer Foundation Compact

This new Burberry compact foundation is a gift from a lovely friend of mine. I have tried both the sheer and velvet liquid foundations from Burberry and I must say I like both of them.. The problem is, the sheer one is a bit too sheer for my like and the velvet one is a bit too 'full coverage' for everyday use. 
When I found out that my friend gave me this sheer compact foundation as a gift, I am really excited to try it one!! ( Fortunately he bought me the right shade! ;D )

As usual, Burberry doesn't compromise when it comes to packaging. It comes in a luxurious Burberry box and also a velvet pouch. The case is gun metal, feels really sturdy and durable, also practical with the magnetic closure. 

The powder is finely milled with almost no fall outs! The texture is soft and almost buttery. If you have tried another Burberry make up, you know that their make up is heavily scented. I don't find it annoying though, but some of you might find it as an issue.

According to Burberry, this compact foundation can be applied dry for a sheer coverage or damp with sponge for a more intensive and velvety finish. I haven't tried to apply it with damp sponge yet but I am excited to try! ( the bottom of the case is cut through to let the sponge to dry! thoughtful! )

As seen on before-after pictures above, you can see that it gives me a sheer coverage. I applied it dry , using a flat top kabuki brush. It evens out my complexion and succeeded to cover some imperfections and redness quite well on the day I don't need to much coverage. I also tried to apply it over my foundation ( Guerlain de Peau , which is sheer-medium coverage ) and it gives a nice light glow finish without being greasy or cakey at all. The foundation feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin.  For a powder, this one is quite long wearing especially when applied over other foundation. When applied on itself, it lasts me for a good 4-5 hours before requiring touch up. 

Would I re purchase this foundation? As much as I like it, I still am not sure if I would spend 45€ once I run out of this one because even though it is really a great product but is it necessary? not really. Since I have already Clarins Compact Foundation which I also love, and some other powders in my make up stack. 

Have you tried any Burberry make up?