Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation

I've gone crazy in the foundation territory for the past 6 months. I think I might have already bought 10 foundations this year which make an average of 2 foundations per month ( we sister don't judge each other, right?? xD ). As I've tried so many foundations,  it takes a very good one to impress me and let me tell you, Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation is impressive. 

Yes I know, my photography skill sucks xD ( Look at my chunky fingers reflection )

I purchased this foundation in February during my CNY trip to Jakarta. I wore it throughout the month in Jakarta's hot and humid weather and it performed very very well. My shade is the second lightest shade available ( OC-02 ) and it has slightly yellow-neutral undertone. It matches my skin just perfect.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation is housed in a square glass pot and comes with a spatula to scoop out the product. I to be honest prefer a packaging with pump spender as this one is definitely not travel friendly. But due to its thick consistency, I can understand why they chose to package it inside a jar.

The foundation has thick creamy consistency but applies and blends effortlessly. You only need a small amount to achieve a decent coverage. It provides medium to full coverage but with natural finish. It doesn't look cakey or thick when layered and it creates a natural radiant and glow for the skin. The finish is slightly dewy but not shiny and I find the oil control is great. It blurs out skin imperfections and counters the redness around my cheeks very well. I also notice that this foundation doesn't oxidize. As the name advised, this foundation is water based despite of the cream consistency, means it has lightweight and comfortable texture. I have combination skin and this works perfectly to maintain my dry cheek areas hydrated yet my oily T-zone at its bay.

I usually use this foundation together with the Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base and they work like a dream team together and very long lasting. My personal tip is to use this foundation sparingly because of the thick consistency, it tends to migrate to fine lines and dry areas when layered too much.

I personally really enjoy this foundation and think that it is worth the IDR 525.000 ( ca. 40USD ) price tag.

Have you tried anything from Lunasol?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow

The lovely Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox gave me this eye shadow stick on our little meet up last month when I was in Singapore. She knew me very well and chose just the perfect eye shadow stick for me. I fell in love on the first swatch xD.

Cathy Doll is a local Thai brand which is made in Korea. My first encounter with the brand was with their BB Cream which I really really liked and just recently used up *sob*. Sharlynn was the one who gave the BB Cream to me too so I was really excited when she gave me few other Cathy Doll goodies on our recent meet up. 

My favorite eye shadow stick so far is the one from Kiko, it is just superior esp with the affordable price tag. And this one from Cathy Doll reminds me a lot of the Kikos. Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow comes in a small retractable stick packaging with cute design. Sharlynn gave me the shade number 3 in Brown Ble which is a bronze-y brown with fine golden shimmer. I actually already have few similar shades on my stash but none of them are the same ( can I get an Amen? :P ), but this kind of shades is my most used anyway so I don't mind having some of them.

Cathy Doll Waterful Cool Stick Eyeshadow is one great product. It has creamy but not slippery texture that glides on seamlessly on the lids. It gives enough time for us to blend before it completely sets. The texture is similar to the Kiko ones that I love. It has just the right amount of creaminess , it is creamy-but the kind of creamy that stick on the lids but still easy to blend. I usually swipe it on the lids and blend it using my fingers and then blend the edges using blending brush. The finish on the lids is just beautiful and the shade is great to perform solo which is good if you don't have enough time to put on some killer eye look.  The eye shadow stick doesn't crease nor smudge and has great staying power.

Unfortunately the brand Cathy Doll is not widely available but you can try Ebay as they are worth the try.

Have you tried any underrated Asian brand?

Sunday, 21 June 2015

IOPE XP Air Cushion Foundation in C23

I am a converted cushion foundation lover and since now I am currently living in Indonesia until August, my obsession with cushion foundation is well accomodated with the big amount of asian brand make ups available here. 
IOPE is a brand that I have heard for its famous cushion foundation ( no wonder since it claimed to be the first 'inventor' of cushion foundation ), so when I spotted a promotion going on at a local online store, I decided to give it a try. Retailing at IDR 450.000 ( ca. US$35 ), I managed to get it at 20% off. 

IOPE Air Cushion Foundation comes in a typical cushion foundation case. The case is compatible with Laneige - Etude house - Sulwhasoo and Innisfree cushion foundations. The set comes with a 15gr refill as well. I picked up shade C23 which is a good match for my complexion. IOPE has 3 different kind of shades, the shade starting with letter 'N' supposed to have natural finish,  the shade starting with letter 'C' supposed to have more coverage and the shade starting with 'S' supposed to have shimmery finish. 

IOPE Air Cushion Foundation has a decent sheer to medium coverage and it supposed to provide a natural dewy finish. I personally like dewy finish but sadly the IOPE one is too much, it is greasy on my combination skin. I still can wear it, but need to set it with powder and blot every 2-3 hour. 
The foundation has wet and moist formulation. It feels wet upon contact with skin which later dries up to moist feeling.  I actually can deal with its too much dewiness but I hate that it accentuates my millia very very much. You can see on the picture below how my millias look very accentuated by the foundation. I also think that it accentuates my pores instead of blurring it.  The staying power is rather so-so and due to its greasiness, I need to blot it often anyway. At the end of the day when I removed my make up, I could see there was still much product on my cotton pads.

Overall, I can't really write a lot in this review because I haven't worn it much since I bought it. All I can say is that I think it will suit people with dry skin best. And if you have combination to oily skin, you'd better give this one a skip. 

Have you tried any cushion foundation?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Poppy Red

One of my favorite lipstick formula ever is the lip cover from Burberry. I have only 2 lipsticks from the range but I fell in love with them and use them regularly. So when I heard that they were bringing new lipstick range called Burberry Kisses to replace their Lip Cover lipsticks I was on the fence of being excited and sad because my favorite lipstick range ever is discontinued. But then I found out that few of their shades from lip cover have been 'promoted' and relaunched with the new formulation and Blush ; my favorite daily lipstick is included. 
On my recent trip to Singapore, I spotted the Burberry beauty counter at TANGS Orchard but unfortunately I was in a hurry so I didn't spend much time to play around with other stuffs but managed to go home with 1 Burberry Kisses lipstick in Poppy Red.

Full coverage


Burberry Kisses lipsticks come in identical packaging like the lip cover. The silver rectangular bullet with magnetic closure which I adore. The packaging is so luxurious, yet simple and so high end. The design is nothing ordinary. 

Poppy Red is a warm reddish magenta. It is similar to Hibiscus only slightly lighter and less purple. The new Burberry Kisses formulation allows you to apply the lipstick sheer or opaque which is great. I just love how versatile the formula is. 

At first, I must say that I was skeptical that Burberry could make something better than the lip cover as the lip cover formula is already perfect for me , but actually they just did it with the Kisses lipsticks! The Kisses lipsticks has slightly more emollient texture. The finish is slightly more balmy and glossy compare to the Lip cover which has satin finish. Poppy Red is one excellent example of how a good lipstick should be. The texture and consistency is just all perfect, it glides on effortlessly and 1 swipe is enough if you want full coverage. On a daily basis, I usually apply 1 swipe on my lower lips and blot my lips together to achieve a lighter coverage and more wearable color. Once applied, it doesn't accentuate any lip lines and it is very hydrating I don't need a lip balm underneath. Another good thing is that Burberry actually eliminated the strong scent they had for Lip Cover. I personally don't have problem with the scent, but I know a lot of people do. So this Burberry Kisses is perfect if you have sensitive nose. It amazes me how Burberry managed to create a full coverage lipstick, with creamy texture but not overly balmy or slippery, that is so lightweight on the lips unlike  - for example ; the famous Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy which everyone seems to love ( I find them very very heavy on the lips ). 

Overall, Burberry did impress me again and I am not at all sad that they discontinued the lip cover because the new Burberry Kisses range is just amazing!


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I recently used up my Glam Glow Mud Mask and was looking for an alternative for it. I liked Glam Glow but I didn't notice any skin care improvement it did to my skin aside of deep cleansing which any other cheaper 'mud or clay' mask can do. After doing some research on the internet, I found a lot of positive reviews on Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. Innisfree official website even stated that this particular clay mask has won over 22 global beauty awards!

On my recent trip to Singapore, I visited Innisfree standalone store at Takashimaya and purchased this mask. I was sold when I read the description on Innisfree's website as well as other reviews on the internet, and for only SGD20 for 100ml of products, I couldn't find better alternative to the Glam Glow at the moment. 

Innisfree claimed the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask to be a 6in1 product ; contract pores-control serums-exfoliate-deep cleanse-brighten tone and cooling. It is made of real Jeju volcanic mineral from the explosion of Jeju volcano. The mask is also free from artificial fragrance, artificial pigments, paragons, bentophenone, Ethanol, animal deprived ingredients and mineral oils. Sounds good, right?

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask comes in a brown plastic tube. There is nothing special with the packaging but I like the design. It also comes in a larger tube of 200ml. The mask itself is grey in color and has thick but lightweight consistency. It spreads on easily and smooth on the face. Once applied, the mask doesn't set or dry at once like the Glam Glow. It takes about 3 - 5 minutes before it sets and hardens but it doesn't feel as 'hard' or as 'tight' as the Glam Glow. It has a slight cooling effect and feels a bit stingy. I usually let it set for 10-15 minutes before rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

I've been using this mask for ca 1 month with the routine of twice-three times a week. The mask is quite mild though unlike the Glam Glow which feels a little 'harsh', so I feel safe to use it more often than the Glam Glow. And gladly I noticed some improvements to my face, my cheeks are less red and my skin feels softer and smoother and less cranky. What good is, the effect isn't just right after application but actually quite long lasting. 

Overall, I love this mask and glad I have found a substitute for the Glam Glow mask which is 3 times more expensive and actually didn't work as effective as this one. 

Have you tried any clay-or mud mask?


Monday, 8 June 2015

One Heck of a Blot

I am going to admit it, I have currently 5 face powder ( Rimmel Stay Matte, MAC Blotting powder, Lorac dry/wet powder, L'oreal True Match powder, and Rouge Bunny Rouge pressed face powder) opened and not yet hit the pan xD, not to mention 2 loose powder ( KohGenDo loose powder and Essence HD loose powder ) plus 3 powder foundation ( Clarins powder foundation, Burberry powder foundation and Tarte amazonian clay mineral foundation ) . Why do I need so many powder in all form ? Only God knows ( and fellow beauty junkies a.k.a you of course xD ).  
But despite of all the powder I own, I was so happy and excited when I received this Soap&Glory powder from my recent beauty swap with Jing Jing from shizurawr. I extra requested for Soap&Glory make up products as we don't have them in Germany. I've read and heard a lot of good things about them and the cute retro packaging is so attractive as well. The One Heck of A Blot was on my wish list, so I was really happy that Jing Jing sent me this one. 

First of all, let's talk about the packaging! Isn't it cute?? The case is made of plastic but not a cheap one. There is a built in mirror inside and a sponge for touch up. I've been carrying this powder for touch up from the day I got it. The powder is embossed with "Powder" writing + 2 stars, maybe just in case you forget it is a powder, LOL. 

Soap&Glory One Heck of A Blot is a translucent mattifying powder that claims to degrease shiny skin or for short ; a blotting powder. It claims to deliver a ultra light and smooth velvety finish. The powder is indeed very lightweight. It is very finely milled and applies seamlessly without giving you a dull powdery finish. It mattifies the skin very well and provides a shine free - silky finish. The powder also works nice as finishing powder after you apply your foundation. It keeps the oil at its bay for a good 5-6 hour which is already impressive for my oily Tzone.  It doesn't cake or clog up if you reapply it throughout the day too, another good point!

The translucent color is universal so people with different skin tones can use it and benefit from it. It also prolongs the wear of foundation or BB Cream so if you want a long wearing base make up, do set your foundation with this powder. It will not interfere the finish of your foundation as it is translucent and very lightweight. 

I have some Soap&Glory products e.g. their body butter, body scrub, hand cream and body mist and all of them perform very good and smell yummy! The price is affordable and the whole packaging and product quality is top notch. This powder is no exception and a good alternative to more expensive blotting powder like the one from MAC or other higher end brands. Retails at ca.GBP 10, this powder is def worth every penny.

What is your current favorite powder? Have you tried anything from Soap&Glory?

Friday, 5 June 2015

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

I bought this BB Cream on a whim, mostly was surprised to see a Canmake display on a local drugstore in Jakarta. The prices were quite affordable as well, definitely cheaper than the prices in Singapore where I usually get Canmake stuffs. 

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream claims to be skin care, base & foundation, UV Shield SPF 50 PA++, high cover, and contains 21 beauty ingredients (e.g. hyaluron acid, collagen, royal jelly extract, etc ) all in one. I must say that it lives up to all the claims. 

The BB Cream comes in a limited 2 shades ; light and natural. I picked up the shade #1 light which has a beige-yellow undertone. It comes in a squeeze tube with cute pink Canmake design. There is nothing special about the packaging but it is a functional one.

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream delivers a solid medium finish which is build able without being cakey or streaky. The texture is very thick, creamy and emollient but it is not the easiest to blend. Buffing brush can make it looking streaky, so applying with fingers or damped beauty blender is the best method. I personally like to apply it using damped beauty blender for the smooth finish. After trying this BB Cream for the past month, I'd say that it deserves more love as it is quite underrated. This BB Cream is a good one! It provides a nice natural and glowing finish without being too oily and the yellow undertone also avoids it from being ashy. Despite of the thick consistency, it feels lightweight on the skin as it melts and blends in completely. The oil control is great as well which is quite unusual for BB Creams. It covers up blemishes, redness and other skin imperfections without being too much or mask like. I still need a concealer for my under eye area though, but this BB Cream does its job very well. 

This is one BB Cream I feel comfortable enough to wear it alone, as I usually wear other BB Creams as base before my foundation. For only IDR 185.000 or ca. US$13 , this is a good bargain.

What is your current fave BB Cream?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Matchy Matchy

I did a bit Innisfree haul when I was in Singapore few weeks ago and I was quite surprised to see how relatively affordable they are especially in Singapore as other things tend to retail for higher price there. So I purchased few things to try and one of them were this lip gloss and nail polish in matching shade (unintended though! ). 

The lip gloss retails for SGD13 and comes in a simple lip gloss tube with minimal Innisfree logo. The  shade #3 is a yellow based medium pink. I fell in love with the color the first time I swatched it at the store, but was worried the color would turn too yellow on my complexion. I've purchased several similar shades but none of them worked well for me. Fortunately, this one works just fine! 

The lip gloss has rather thick and sticky consistency almost like a lip cream or liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is great and opaque. The whole character reminds me of my favorite lip gloss ever ; Lancome Lip Lover. The lip gloss applies smooth and doesn't set into lip lines. The finish is very glossy and shiny so I usually blot my lips to minimize the shine. One thing I like about it, is that it can applied opaque or sheer and doesn't look patchy. The formula is hydrating and doesn't dry up my lips. It wears very comfortable and has good staying power. I personally don't mind sticky lip gloss, and this one is sticky. So, if you don't like sticky lip gloss, give this one a try first because you might find it too sticky.

Contrast to my happy experience with the lip gloss, the nail polish is unfortunately another story which is annoying because I really like the color and the price xD ( retails for SGD 4 only! ).  I've long time ago once tried Innisfree nail polishes and I remember my experience being okay. But I believe Innisfree repackaged and reformulated their nail polishes since they look different from what I've tried before.

At the store, Innisfree offers a wide range of color selection for the nail polish, also with different finish e.g shimmer, creamy and glitters. It was a hard time for me to limit my purchase only to 1 shade and now that I've tried the nail polish, I am glad I didn't buy any other shade. What annoys me the most from this nail polish, is the formula. It is thick and gloopy, which is a nightmare for nail products. It is difficult to apply because of the gloopy consistency. It applies streaky as well. The pigmentation is so so,  it took 2-3 coats to achieve the opacity like the above picture.  Good thing the price is cheap so it didn't hurt much as it is no doubt a fail purchase. 

I also bought the long wear cushion and the famous Pore clay mask from the brand and will write about them later.

Have you tried anything from Innisfree?