Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Burberry Light Glow Cameo Blush

As much as I don't need any new blushes ( and lipsticks ) , I just keep buying new ones. I've been wanting to try Burberry blushes for so long, but I always try my best not to because I know I'm not going to be able to say no once I try this on. And yes I am right.

Oh, look at that box! pure luxury.

The gunmetal case is beautiful . It has Burberry Nova pattern printed all over it. My only concern is that the metal case catches finger prints like mad. ( You all know I'm OCD when it comes to finger prints, don't you? ). But despite of the finger prints, the case is just amazing. It's sturdy, it has magnetic close so it's easy to open and nail friendly. ( Have you ever broken your nails accidentally when opening a 'hard to open' make up packaging? I have. and not only once. ). The little brush that comes with it is actually a good one, the bristles are soft.

Please ignore the arrow.

Once again, please ignore the arrow. :p

Cameo is a dirty rose shade, with subtle peachy sheen. I picked  up this shade because I wanted something that looks natural and can be worn almost everyday on any ocassion. The texture is super soft, smooth and buttery. I didn't experience any fallouts when applying this blush. It also applies smoothly and gives a natural 'blushing' effect on the cheeks.
If you want a blush that isn't easily go over the top or clown-like, you def should try this one. Because even though the pigmentation is great, this blush blends easily and perfectly on to the cheeks and you can build up the intensity from sheer to heavy, but not over the top-heavy.

As much as I love this blush, the heavy pricetag is still a downside. It retails for 35€ but you get 7gr of product which I think is quite generous amount for high end brand cosmetic. 
Once again, Burberry successfully satisfied me with their product, and I'll def see the other shades they have. ( I'm looking at you, Earthy and Blossom! )


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Beauty Cottage Glamorous Volume & Curl Waterproof Mascara

If you've read my blog for awhile, you might know that my lashes are pathetic. T.T. So I am always on the search for the perfect mascara to make my lashes ( at least ) visible. 
My sister bought me this mascara from Beauty Cottage, when she visited Bangkok. The packaging box is pretty and victorian-like. But the mascara tube itself is plain and simple.

The wand is curved and slim, my favorite type of mascara wand.

The mascara has a wet-sticky texture which I love. I find that kind of texture helps my lashes the most. It elongates my lashes and gives volume and the most important ; it holds the curl.. 
Since the mascara is waterproof, it doesn't smudge on me even after a long day.  But I must say, this mascara clumps a little bit, so I usually top it with my YSL mascara because the YSL one does a good job separating my lashes.

Overall, I like this mascara a lot. Only the texture is super sticky and could be tricky on application. I am kinda sad that I can't re purchase this one since this is a local Thailand brand.. If you know where to buy it online, please tell me! :-D


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vampy Lips

Deeper red shades a.k.a Vampy lips have been a huge trend for this fall/winter season. I am actually a fan of dark red / burgundy lip shade especially when the weather is getting colder and colder. I love to wear simple eye make up, sheer blush and dark bold lipstick in winter.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb in the tube looks like a perfect dark cherry color, and because it's only 3,99€, I took it anyway even though there was no tester on the display.
The lipstick bullet is not the prettiest, but I don't have a lot of to complain because the product itself is a nice one. 

See? The color is really nice, right? The lipstick feels a little bit hard , but it's typical for matte lipstick. But on the lips, it looks quite velvety and rich. 
Cherry Bomb is a dark cherry shade with a hint of purple and red undertone. It is a true definition of a vampy shade, but could go a little too 'emo' so sometimes I mix it with another red shade.
The pigmentation is amazing and rich and it lasts for a long time on me.
But since this is a matte lipstick, you have to make sure your lips are in perfect moisturized condition because this lipstick could be drying. 

*Please mind my pouty expression. lol*

Overall I love this lipstick. I'm not a fan of the formula, and I'm sure this kind of formula won't work as well for lighter shades. But, the formula works just fine with darker shades, like this one.
If Wet n Wild is available in your country and you want to try vampy lipstick that is affordable, this one is worth a glimpse.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Why Do I Wear Make Up?

There's a TAG going on fellow german blogs recently. Since the TAG is in german language, I'll do the english version in my blog. So the TAG is "Why Do I Wear Make Up?", basically we post picture of ourselves, half bare face half with make up and tell our story why do we wear make up, when did we start wearing make up, insecurities, etc etc. I think this TAG is interesting and nice, so here is my story.

When did you start to wear make up?
  • I first wore make up when I was in high school. It was only eye liner and lip gloss, since we weren't allowed to wear make up at school. But when I was going out with friends outside school, I did wear more make up, like lipstick, powder, mascara and blush on, ( all in minimal-sheer application ) but still no foundation. I started wearing foundation when I was on grade 12 or my senior year of high school. My first foundation was the one from Paul&Joe. 
How do you feel without make up?
  • I ( almost ) always wear make up everytime I go outside. I honestly feel insecure to go outside my appartment without having foundation / BB cream on. I don't really know if it's insecurity or if it's just a habit. On daily basis, I usually only wear BB Cream, blush, mascara and tinted lip balm. I wear a full face make up only if I go to work, or if I go out with friends or having special ocassion.  I enjoy the process of getting ready and applying make up so much and I really find it kind of relaxing.
What do you like about make up?
  • I basically love almost everything about make up. I love to express myself with make up and I love how make up can change someone's life. 
Tell your story about your growing love for make up!

  • My (unhealthy) love with make up started to grow stronger after I moved to Germany. Mainly because I could finally express myself the way I want to ( in Indonesia, like most asian countries, sometimes you just can't express yourself the way you want to because you're afraid of what ppl say or think ) and also because my transition period from teenager to adult, and because of the existense of drugstore which is not really exist in Indonesia. 
Tell your 3 holy grail make up products!
  • BB Cream ( I can't choose between Tony Moly and Missha Perfect Cover :$ )
  • Koress Lip Butter in Pomegranate
  • MAC Blush in Desert Rose ( I have a lot of blushes, but when I need a natural looking blush that lasts me the whole day, I always grab this one )

Please feel free to do this TAG!, I would love to know your story too!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Secret Romance

Rival de Loop Young is a brand by Rossmann , a local drugstore in Germany. RdL Young doesn't usually catch my interest because their products are mostly targeted for young teenage girls. But RdL Young is having a limited edition lately and the highlighter powder caught my attention.

The highlighter powder comes in a simple but sturdy packaging. I love this kind of packaging because there is enough room for my powder or blush brush to swipe over the powder.
The powder is perfectly milled and absolutely smooth and buttery. There is no fall out and the texture is not powdery or dusty at all. 
The pigmentation is sheer, but is buildable. It doesn't contain any glitter particles which I like so much. This is a highlighter that gives you a real natural and subtle glow and won't make you look like a disco ball or make your pores look bigger ( I'm looking at you, Benefit High Beam! ). The good thing is, it looks also really good as a higlighter for browbones, cupid bows and the bridge of my flat mushroom nose.

The pink swatch is Burberry Cameo Blush, review coming soon.

I hope you can notice the subtle glow

I am overall really impressed with this highlighter. It is so subtle and natural that I can wear it on daily basis , not only on a night out or special ocassions ( once again, I am looking at you, High Beam! ). I've been looking for a highlighter like this for a long time, and I am so happy that I finally found it on a drugstore product. Too bad this is a limited edition,  but it contains 15 gr of product, which I think is a really generous amount for its price which is under 4€.

What is your all time favorite highlighter?


Friday, 19 October 2012

P2 Sheer Glam Lipsticks

P2 has currently changed some of its products , took out some old ones and added some new stuffs to the permanent collection. I spotted this new sheer glam lipstick range at my local DM, and after some swatches , I decided to take 2 of them home.

Generally, I'm not a fan of the packaging. First thing, I don't like the cheap looking red metalic bullet  Second thing, this bullet catches finger prints like crazy and I am OCD when it comes to finger prints. Third thing, the bullet is kinda big and bulky, so basically the packaging got zero point from me.

Only from the swatches you can see how glossy and balmy like the finish is.

P2 named the lipsticks on this Sheer Glam range based on movie titles. Sex&City is a glossy mauve color and Casablanca is a glossy sheer everyday kind of red color. The formula of these lipsticks reminds me a lot of Revlon Lip Butter, only the pigmentation isn't as good as the lip butter. But speaking of the formula, they are just in between lip balm and lipstick. 
The application is nice and smooth because of the lip balm texture, and because they appear to be sheer, the application is really easy and you don't really need to worry they are going to be messy.
The staying power isn't really good because of - once again - the balmy texture, but it feels really comfortable on the lips and it hydrates the lips as well. I can't sense any noticeable scent, so It might be fragrance free.

Despite of the ugly packaging, I think these lipsticks are great alternative for Revlon Lip Butter, especially for us who live in Germany and don't have any access to get Revlon Lip Butter.
For 2,99€, they are def worth to try.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Beauty Cottage Chic & Charm Blusher

Beauty Cottage is a thailand brand of cosmetics. It claims to be made of natural ingredients. The packaging is really cute and victorian-like which I love. I don't know if they're available outside Thailand, because I got mine from my sister who visited Bangkok last summer holiday.

Look at the pretty box!!

Even though the box is really pretty and victorian-like, the blush case comes in a very simple design. The blush comes in a metalic pink plastic case. The case is very light and not really sturdy looking. But I like the simplicity of it.
What I'm most excited about is the blush itself! It's embossed with a beautiful pattern. It looks really pretty on the pan.

The blush has smooth and soft texture. It's finely milled and not powdery. The pigmentation is also really good but nothing over the top. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the name of the shade I have, but it's a trully apricot-coral blush. The blush is matte and gives a satin finish.
The blush lasts for a good 5-6 hours before requiring any touch up.

Overall, I think the blush is a good product but it's not groundbreaking. I am also not an expert on ingredient thing, so I don't know if this blush is really made of natural ingredients.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Blue My Mind

I saw around bloggers and youtubers that 'Blue My Mind' nail polish from H&M has been getting a lot of attention lately. So when I saw this at my local H&M, I took it without any doubt.

I'm sorry you can see the line between my real nails and my gel nails because I haven't got any time to get it done in nail salon -__-"

Blue My Mind is a beautiful, bold electric blue shade. It's has creamy matte finish. The nail polish is surprisingly really good. The consistency is a bit thick and creamy but the application is smooth and easy. The pigmetation is AMAZING. It took me only 1 shade to get it opaque. But I always apply 2 coats anyway..I've been having this polish on my nails for 5 days now and it looks just as nice as the 1st day applied.
For 3,95€ / 9ml, I think this is an amazing product and def won't be my last H&M nail polish.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation

I've been using Clarins Skin Care products for almost 3 years now and I love them so much. I tried a lot of other skin care brands like Clinique, Biotherm, Anayake, Shiseido, Sensai etc but I always find myself coming back to Clarins. As much as I love the skin care line, I am not really aware of the make up line. Mainly because they are more on the higher price level, and other giant names like Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown and co attract my attention more. But when I visited my favorite Clarins counter at KaDeWe-Berlin to buy my skin care routine, the lovely SA gave me some testers of this compact foundation. I tried it on for 2 weeks before coming back again and bought the full size product because I love it !

The foundation comes in a typical Clarins' gold packaging. The golden case comes with a red velvet pouch. The case is really simple, plain gold with a 'C' symbol craved on the right corner of the lid. The packaging does look luxurious but it catches finger prints like crazy T.T.. I am quite OCD when it comes to finger prints and it started to kill me softly lol.
There is a big mirror built inside the case and also a sponge to apply the foundation. I personally don't use the sponge to apply it, and I use my Ecotools Buffing brush.

The foundation is finely pressed. It's so soft and buttery. There is almost no fallout during the application which is amazing.. I tried applying the foundation with the sponge or a buffing brush and both way work just fine.


On the before after picture above, you can see that my skin is on its good condition now ( thanks to Clarins skin care, and the cold weather coming. ), so there is honestly not much to cover. However, I am still impressed by this foundation. I was skeptical at the beginning about the coverage, but the coverage is great. It is def buildable, I would say sheer to medium. It doesn't look cakey at all on my oily skin,it is even mattifying. On days that I would like more coverage, I apply a little amount of this foundation upon my Tony Moly Pure Cotton BB Cream and they look amazing together. The staying power is also great. If you have oily skin like me, you might want to try this because this is really goooood. 

The price is expensive at 37€/10gr but it's def worth the money. I am in love!