Thursday, 17 January 2013


When it comes to high end brand, Chanel doesn't belong to my favorite list. Mainly because I am not really impressed with the quality from several items that I have tried or also because I never feel comfortable shopping on Chanel beauty counter because of the (mostly) rude SAs. 
Anyway, Chanel nail polishes are so pretty but also so expensive ( They retail for ca. 23€ here in Germany ) that I , so far can't justify spending that amount of money on nail polish yet
But some times ago, I was so lucky to get this nail polish from my lovely friend! 

I think the bottle is so beautiful. It is so Chanel,so luxurious and fancy. I also like the fact that it comes with a box that is also typical Chanel and fancy fancy.

Splendeur is a matte-creamy fuschia with a bit hint red. Once applied, the color looks exactly like as seen on the bottle. The texture of the nail polish is great. It is not too thick or too thin. It is also really easy to apply because of the slim brush. ( sorry I forgot to take picture of the brush -.- ). It takes only 1 coat to make it opaque, but I always apply 2 coats anyway.. One thing I dislike is that it chips so easily ( lasts only 1-2 days on my nails ).

Overall I like this nail polish but I still can't justify spending more than 20€ on it because I don't think the quality is groundbreaking enough. I think, Essie does the job just as good ( if not better ) with cheaper price. But I can totally understand when people buy them as collected items because they are beautiful. ^^

Do you have Chanel nail polish? How do you like it?


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