Wednesday, 23 January 2013

H&M Eye Shadow Quad

As you see on my previous post HERE, I picked up some H&M cosmetics on sale. And today I have another eye shadow palette to show you.

"Made with Passion" comes in a sturdy clear acrylic , typical H&M cosmetic packaging. It comes also with a sponge applicator. I like the simple yet durable and shopisticated case.

*please mind the lipstick stains*

"Made with Passion" has 4 shades, from a frosty pink to matte black with a bit of silver glitter particles. The pigmentation is okay, but not groundbreaking. The texture crumbles a bit and doesn't feel smooth. The glitters are also a bit flaky. But for the 2€ I paid, I think the quality is not that disappointing.

In comparison to these eye shadow duos from H&M, I think this one is a thumbs down.


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