Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Protector

This lip gloss / balm has been receiving a lot of attentions around the beauty community and a beauty victim like me, just couldn't resist the temptation to try this one out especially because it comes from one of my fave brand ever ; Clarins!

I took shade #01 in Rose Shimmer.

The lip protector comes in a squeezing tube with a sponge? applicator tip. The applicator will get dirty easily so I recommend to clean it with make up wipes regularly. 

Rose shimmer is a sheer pink gloss that leans more to nude pink on the lips. The pigmentation is barely visible but it gives my lips a much healthier look and shine. I feel like it smoothens my lips and it hydrates and moisturizes as well which is really good in winter because my lips get dry very very easy.  As I am not really a fan of having no color on my lips, I don't really fancy wearing the gloss alone. So I usually wear it as a top lip gloss over my every day lipstick. It gives a really nice shine without being sticky or oily looking.
The smell is also divine. It smells like cotton candy, sweet but not overpowering.

applied alone

layered over lipstick

I am usually not a fan of lip gloss but this one is an exception. I now have an obsession of applying this lip gloss over any lipstick I am wearing. It retails for 17€ /12ml and worth every single cent.

Have you tried this lip protector?

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