Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Hair Care Routine

Some of you have been asking how I take care of my hair. To be honest, I always think that I go low maintenance when it comes to hair care ( I meant, compare to skin care, make up etc etc ). But as I took pictures of my hair care routine while doing this post, I realized that actually my hair care isn't that low maintenance as I thought . -___-

Washing and conditioning :
  • LUSH I love Juicy Shampoo : This shampoo from LUSH is my absolute favorite! I have oily scalp and dry split ends. My scalp usually gets greasy so fast and no shampoo is good enough to make my scalp less oily until I found this magic shampoo. It cleans my hair and scalp soooo good but it doesn't make it dry. It also smells so good. Love.
  • LUSH American Cream Conditioner : It took me quite awhile before I started to like this conditioner. At first, I thought this conditioner was just okay. It wasn't rich enough for my dry ends, and I didn't really notice any effect. But after awhile, I started to notice that my split ends looked much much better. I do curl and blow dry my hair a lot, so it's a must for me to take a good care of my ends because they get dry easily. I am still not 100% sold on this conditioner, I might try another conditioners just to find something better, but this one is doing its job well. Oh and I also don't really like the scent, it smells like a dull/dusty vanilla ( if that makes sense :p )
  • L'Oreal Elvital Color Shine Spray / Leave In conditioner : I sprayed this conditioner before I blow dry my hair. It makes my hair easier to comb and feels smoother, but I don't think it's a groundbreaking product even though for the price, it's definitely fine. I won't repurchase it once I finished this one.
  • KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry : This is my absolute holy grail in my hair cair routine. It's really a live saver. Having a long thick hair, ( my hair goes down to my waist ) it takes my hair FOREVER to dry , but with this magic spray, it dries really quick and also it gives my hair a nice healthy shine! It also smells divine!
  • Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist : This is a sample size I got in my previous Douglas beauty box and I've been loving it so far. I usually spray it as a final touch if I curl my hair and it gives my hair a nice shine. Would I repurchase it? I'm not sure, because I think my KMS California already gives enough shine to my hair. But I'll definitely use this up.
  • Clarins Lotus Face Oil for Oily skin : I know this one is out of place, but I got a lot of samples of this oil and I thought, why not trying it on my hair? So once in a week, I apply this to my ends and voila! Bye bye split ends and hello silky hair!! I think it works just the same like the other hair oils, but this one is really rich so I only apply it at night and wash my hair the next morning.
  • Schwartzkopf Got2B Heat Protector : This is my 2nd bottle and I always spray it before I use hot tools . I love the smell and I think it does the job well.
  • Nivea Styling Spray Volume Sensation : First of all, the smell of this hair spray is amazing.. I sometimes spray it only because of the scent. lol. It is basically a hair spray but it's flexible and perfect for styling.
  • Wellaflex Hair Spray : My fave hair spray to hold my curl. Once again, I love the scent and so far I 'm happy with the performance and will repurchase it once I finish this one.
My natural straight hair, blow dry

My curl hair using curling iron

A bit of my hair's facts :

  • Hair type : Oily scalp, dry ends
  • Natural hair color : Black
  • Current hair color : Dark brown with reddish undertone ( I use L'oreal Sublime Mousse #400 in Reines Braun ) I touch up the color every 6 week . 
  • For the last 3 years I live in Germany, I always cut / trim my hair by myself. Mainly because I haven't yet found hair stylist I can trust to take care of my hair ( read : I am control freak :p) . When I was in Indonesia, I usually got my hair cut in Tony & Guy Hair Salon. 
Have a nice weekend,everyone!! 

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