Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shades of Nude

In my previous post HERE, I posted my red lipsticks collection and swatches and now I think it's time for nude lippies!

Please pardon the bad lighting because it makes the lippies look more orange than nude. lol

Once again, please pardon the lighting because it makes the swatches look less nude.

From left to right :

  • MAC Flash Play : It is a muted rosewood nude shade. It is a wearable nude for every day use because it is not too pale and also doesn't wash me out. The only problem is, I am not a fan of MAC lipstick formula in general,so I don't really reach for it quite often.
  • Rimmel Airy Fairy : I think Airy Fairy is one of the most famous nude lipstick for a drugstore brand. You can't really see it in picture below, but for me, it is a bit too pale. I always have a feeling that I look 'dead' every time I have this on. 
  • Maybelline Desert Bloom ( I wrote Desert Rose on the swatch picture above which is false ) : This is a dupe for my fave nude lippie ever which is Maybelline watershine in shade #BM41. Desert Bloom is a really nice nude for every day, it's kind of "my lips but better" lipstick. And it's so comfortable on my lips.
  • Rival de Loop #24 : It's a matte peachy nude lipstick. It's a bit drying because it is so matte but I like the color pay off and the peachy hint.
  • Maybelline Watershine #BM41 : My holy grail nude lipstick. The texture is creamy and it has glossy finish. The color is not too pale, just the right amount of nude for my complexion. Every time I don't know which lipstick I should wear, I always go with this one. Unfortunately, this watershine range is available only in Asia because I can't find it here in Germany, or some european countries I have ever visited. 
  • Catrice Lipstick #190 : A super pale nude lipstick with beige undertone. I usually don't wear it alone because it's too pale , so I layer it with pink lip gloss. But the texture , the color pay off and staying power are great. 
  • Catrice Lipstick #200 : This one leans more to pale pink but it doesn't wash me out. I love Catrice lipsticks in general. They have simply great quality for drugstore brand.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss #08 : Another peachy nude lipstick with a bit of pink undertone. I know it sounds complicated, but it's a beautiful color. I am also a fan of Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in general. Too bad only limited shades available in Germany.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss #07 : To be honest, this one is really similar to its sister in shade #08., only this has less peachy undertone but anyhow still wearable and not too pale. 

Do you wear nude lipstick often? Which one is your holy grail?


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