Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Korres Magnolia Toning Body Mist

Do you know the feeling to shop after work? Like you feel you deserve to be pampered with little things to buy after working the whole day? I really can't say no to shopping after work, mainly because I work in a boutique that is located inside a luxurious department store. I basically have to walk pass entire floor of beauty and perfume section every single day after work and sometimes I just can't help to stop and try on some little things. *sigh*

So, I actually wanted to get new Korres lip butter in pomegranate because I ran out of mine, but it was sold out, and because the Korres SA was so lovely, she showed me some products and predictably I picked up one!

Magnolia Toning Body Mist is a refreshing body mist from Korres which comes in a slim tube. It's really convenience to be carried inside my every day bag. It is cooling and refreshing and it has subtle floral scent. The scent surprisingly stays on really well, for a body mist. 

And the lovely SA gave me a full size mono eye shadow as a freebie! She was so nice and really helpful too!

I have never tried Korres make up line, though I've heard a lot of good things about it. This mono eye shadow comes in a white plastic case which is well made and doesn't feel cheap nor plasticky. I got mine in color #225 - Orange. Even though the name is orange, I'd say the color leans more to apricot with golden shimmer. The texture is so smooth and buttery it almost feels like cream eye shadow! and I didn't experience any fallout either. The color is really wearable because once applied, it is more a yellowish gold rather than orange and it has sheen to shimmery finish. It also stays on really well over a primer.

Here is the look I did using the eye shadow :


Have you tried the fragrance and make up line from Korres? and how do you like the look I created?

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