Friday, 11 January 2013

H&M Duo Eye Shadow

I don't know if it's the same world wide, but H&M in Germany sells cosmetics too including eye shadow, blush, nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick, brush tools, etc etc. I remember once I had a blush from H&M and I liked it. So when I visited my local H&M , they were having sale on the make up products and I grabbed some!

I picked up these 2 duo eye shadow because ; 1st- I love the design and the pattern on the eye shadows, and 2nd- the shades are right up my ally, 3rd -  they are on sale for 1€ each!

The duos come in a clear acrylic case which is for the price, really really nice. The case is study, durable and well made. 

I didn't have high expectation on these duos but they are surprisingly good. The texture is smooth and buttery it feels almost creamy. The pigmentation is good as well, as you can see on the swatches above. I didn't experience any major fallout either, and they are easy to apply and easy to blend, I am really impressed.

For 1€ each, I definitely think these duos are worth the money !


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