Friday, 4 January 2013

Burberry Light Glow Blossom Blush

I'm sorry to be reviewing a lot of Burberry lately because I just recently received some Burberry goodies as Christmas gift from a lovely friend.. ( yes, I know I am lucky! :))

As usual, the packaging from Burberry is no compromise a luxury. The design and the material are well made and even the mini brush given is soft and surprisingly useful :D and who can say no to this beautiful embossed blush? 

Blossom is a orangey-coral shade with a slight hint of pink. The finish is natural , more of matte finish but with a little bit of sheen. It looks more on the orange side once applied, but it's not too orange that it's not wearable. It gives a really nice healthy glow and stays on really well. 
The pigmentation is great , but not in any way over the top,  so you don't have to be extremely careful with application and you can build up the intensity too.
The texture is silky and smooth and the fallout is minimal. 

I am so far really happy with all my Burberry blushes ( not that I have a lot, only 2 ;p ) and I'll definitely buy some more shades in the future. The Earth blush is on the top of my wish list now. ;)

Have you tried any Burberry blush? What is your favorite high end blush?

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