Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mega Melon

If you read my 1st chubby stick post, I wrote that I would not buy another color except they're on sale for 50% off. As a man of my word , when I found this mini version of chubby stick for 6€, I took this home. ( okay, mathematically it's not 50% off because it's not a full size, but anyway.... ;P ).

There was only 1 shade available that I spotted which is ; Mega Melon. The mini version comes in almost identical design, only the cap is different. The mini version comes with a plastic cap while the full size has metal cap. I think the mini version is really practical to be carried inside my bag.

Mega melon is a orange-coral shade with a hint of pink. The texture is typical chubby stick which is balmy and moisturizing. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side, but in comparison to Super Strawberry, Mega melon is more pigmented. 
Formula wise, I've been into balmy lip products lately ( mainly because of winter season , because matte lipstick in winter is a nightmare ) . I like the texture and formulation of Chubby Stick because it is moisturizing and it feels hydrating and smooth on my lips. 

Overall, I am happy with this purchase, especially because I picked it up only with 6€. The mini version doesn't really bother me as I rarely use up a product because I regularly switch the products I use. 

Have you tried this Chubby Stick? or do you have any recommendation for balmy-lipstick?

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