Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rose des Nymphes

After reading this review from Lena and this instagram picture from Me, I knew I had to give Lancôme Lip Lover a try. I was not really a fan of the brand as it always reminds me of 'old fashioned' brand and the mascara irritates my eyes. But since the lip lover is reasonably priced, I just had to get it.

I picked up the shade number #333 - Rose des Nymphes. My choice based 100% on Me's pict on instagram. The color looks so beautiful on her and it looks like a very nice-everyday kind of shade. As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, I tend to stay away from bold shades and gravitate towards lighter - softer shades.
First on the packaging, I really like the opening button, it functions very well and I find it very shopisticated and modern. A good step from Lancôme!
Rose des Nymphes is a warm medium pink , the pigmentation is good because the lip lover range is infused with lipstick pigments. It is very glossy and shiny but not greasy. The finish is so beautiful yet natural. 
The formula of these lip glosses is a winner! It feels lightweight on the lips but has a decent color pay off. It applies smoothly and doesn't feel sticky. Of course it is slightly sticky because it IS a lip gloss, but nothing uncomfortable. It is not drying at all and very hydrating I must say! It stays on longer as other lip glosses that I have but the shine fades gradually after 1-2 hours. 
Lancome claims the formula to be color-shine and care in 1 product which I can confirm!

Bottom line : I am happy with the Lip Lover and will definitely look at the other shades. I also appreciate that Lancome didn't price it ridiculously expensive ( yes, Dior fluid stick, I am looking at you! :p ). The lip lover retails for €21,95 / 4,5ml.


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