Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Invest in Red

I can only wear red or nude-neutral nail polishes at work. So I have a lot of red nail polishes on my stash. Good that there are countless shades of red out there so I only have reason to get red nail polish as they're never never the same :p
I have written before that I am not really a fan of high end nail polishes, but I think I have to eat my own words as now my high end nail polish collection is slowly growing..

direct sun light

after 5 days wearing - artificial light

Lancome Vernis in Love was released along with the in Love lipstick range. The color selection is mainly classic-standard shades with creamy finish. The polish comes in a small bottle , I love the tiny , sleek and simple packaging with a Lancome rose printed on the upper right corner of the bottle. 
The shade I picked up is #154M or Miss Coquelicot ( what a name!! ) , it is a medium classic neutral red. It is really a all-round red, versatile and lady like. 
Formula wise, the Lancome polish is creamy but not gloopy. It is opaque in 1 coat but I always apply 2 coats anyway. The formula is nice and not streaky. The lasting power is incredible , together with DIOR gel top coat , it lasts me 5 days before starting to chip. 

The Lancome nail polish retails for €12-€15,95 / 6ml depends on where you buy it. You can get them cheaper online.


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