Sunday, 20 April 2014

Canmake Cream Cheek

I have heard a lot of good things about the Canmake cream cheek, but I was mostly sold after I saw this post from Kate from the drivellersfrivol.
I have been having a lovely honeymoon time with my Stila convertible color and it proved me wrong that cream blushes that don't have cream to powder finish are too greasy for my cheeks.
I did a second swap with Sharlynn from Theblackmentosbeautybox and she included these 2 Canmake cream cheek in the package. Thank you Sharlynn! ( I posted on my instagram here, what she got me. She really spoiled me! )

Sharlynn picked up 2 shades for me, the CL 01 - clear red heart and CL 03 - clear sunset. CL 01 is a bright strawberry red and CL 03 is a lovely coral - orangey shade. Both shades don't have shimmer which is very good and they have beautiful jelly-creamy finish.

The blushes come in a lightweight plastic case, not the prettiest packaging , but very convenient for traveling and they don't need a lot of space to store. They have a creamy-gel consistency and even though some people say that they have cream to powder finish, I don't really agree, as for me, they're truly cream blushes . Unlike the NYX cream blushes that are too greasy and slippery for my liking, these blushes from canmake are not greasy at all. They melt and blend effortlessly onto the skin and provide a very nice and natural flush on the cheeks.
They are very good in pigmentation but because they blend easily, they are still foolproof to apply. I usually apply 3 stripes on the cheeks and blend it using real technique stippling brush, but finger application works very well too!
I was sceptical at the beginning because I remembered I swatched them before but I disliked the consistency.. But since Kate raved about them and they looked amazing on her ( well, what doesn't look amazing on her? ) , I asked Sharlynn to get them for me. And I am glad I did because they're amazing!
I mostly love the finish they give to my cheeks, glowy and so naturally flushed. And to make it better, they perform undoubtedly well on the lips!! They're literally the 1st cream blushes that work well on my lips. They're even quite hydrating imo! The small and lightweight packaging makes them portable on the go and since they work as blush and lipstick,  they are perfect for my smaller bags.
The staying power is also amazing. I got 8 hours wear before feeling the need to touch up. Since it is now early spring in Germany, the temperature is still cold , so it makes the job easier for them. I am curious to see how they work on warmer temperature on my combination skin ( that turns oily once the temperature is higher than 25'c ).

Overall, these cream blushes are absolute recommended!
Have you tried any of canmake blushes?

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