Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yachiyo, is it you?

I was having a sleepover at one of my friend's home when I spotted this brush on her dressing table. It reminded me directly of NARS Yachiyo brush that was hyped among the beauty community. As a beauty junkie of course I asked her opinion about the brush  and it surprised me when she told me she never used the brush because she found it too wobbly and she doesn't wear blushes often. It was a gift so she couldn't tell me whether it was original from NARS or a counterfeit. But she remembered it came in a black box. As she didn't have any use of the brush, she gave it to me and yes I accepted it happily xD.

I did some researches on the internet and I must say I can't really tell if this brush is a real deal. Though the quality is very good, the bristles are soft and definitely not synthetic ( I have a brush made from goat hair and I can confirm they have very similar character ). The brush has a slightly tapered shape with a long slim handle. The bristles are very soft  and gentle against the skin they feel almost therapeutic. They can be a bit scratchy though, depends on how you wash it, but I think it is the price you get with goat hair.  The bristles pick up the product very well but it sheers the blush down because the bristles are not very dense.
I find it very good to apply blushes with high pigmentation because it diffuses the color on to the cheeks, but for sheer blushes, it needs more layer to make the color show on the skin.
The brush makes blending blushes with drier texture easier and the woobly handle doesn't annoy me at all. I think the woobly handle together with the tapered bristles are the key why this brush deposits the 'perfect' amount of product on to the skin which results in more natural and softer finish.
My only concern is when I washed the brush, the water turned black as if the brush was losing its 'color' ? That never happened to me before with other brushes.  And also it shed  during the wash and I needed to wash it very gentle ( this one didn't really confuse me as I have another blush brush with natural hair and it loses its hair during wash, that's why I don't deep clean my natural hair brushes very often ). I don't know if some people are experiencing the same as I couldn't find anyone mentioning the problem on some reviews that I found in internet.
Any of you have the brush and experiencing the same problem?

Assuming this one is a real deal, I must say I can understand and justify the hefty price tag ( 49€ !! ) . I am happy and satisfied with the cheaper blush brush from Real Techniques or the local drugstore , but this one is on another league.
If this one was not a real deal, than it must be a very well made counterfeit.


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