Sunday, 6 April 2014

Berry Pop

I thought I wouldn't jump into the bandwagon... But I failed... 

Well, this little daisy along with other 3 shades from Clinique have been around the beauty community for this past few months. And they have been receiving a lot of positive responses.  It is something unusual coming from Clinique as the brand is usually associated with skin care products and not so fancy looking packaging. However, I must say I was intriqued by this pretty little daisy. Housed in a clear sturdy case, the blush is embossed / crafted with beautiful daisy print.
The color I picked is Berry pop. A bright fuchsia pink. It has satin - semi matte finish with no shimmer at all. This kind of shade is actually not my cup of tea as they tend to be too 'cool toned' and not flattering against my complexion. I don't really like pinky  blushes as they have a potential of making me looking like a clown. But this one doesn't appear too 'Barbie pink' on my cheeks so I like it..
The texture is something I haven't experienced before. It is powder but at the same time, a little bit creamy.. I'd say it is a highly densed powder. But even though it is densely pressed, the pigmentation is surprisingly good but not over the top, which is not a bad thing as it makes the application easier. Some people find it best to apply with hands / finger but I prefer brush as finger application could get a bit blotchy. On the lower note, I find that the blush doesn't really blend easily. It takes a bit more blending to make the color even and nicely 'cooperated' with the skin. I also find the staying power rather average. I got 5 hours before it started to fade gradually..
I am overall happy with this blush but I am not head over heels.. It's nice to have in my collection but I wouldn't get another shades.. ( yes I am indecisive like that.. )
The blush retails for €29,99 / 3,5gr

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Have you tried this blush from Clinique?

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