Tuesday, 15 April 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

This newly launched lips and cheeks product from YSL has been around the blogsphere lately , so of course as expected, I couldn't resist the temptation once they were available in Germany..

The shade I picked up was #06 - Rouge Libertine. It is a bright chili red with no shimmer. I actually wanted to get pink-nude shade but when I tried them on the counter, they looked extremely pale on the lips, so I decided to go with the red one.
The Kiss&Blush Babydoll comes in a 'nail polish looking' packaging. It is housed in a square glass tube with a unique doe foot applicator. The packaging is very well made, luxurious yet functional.
The formula is nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be similar to the famous glossy stain, but I was wrong as it felt very matte and powdery! Have you tried any matte lip cream before? because the formula and consistency feel almost identical to the matte lip creams I have tried from Essence or Manhattan for example. I was not very sold on the counter to be honest as I found them wearing patchy and too powdery especially on the lips. But the SA was a little bit pushy so I thought I would just get it and give it another try at home. I was mostly curious about it because so many people love the range.
The consistency is lightweight and creamy with a very strong powdery feeling. The staying power is great on the lips as well as on the cheeks. It is also lightly scented with YSL signature 'watermelon' scent. If you have tried the glossy stain, yes they smell the same. It feels nice on the lips and but it takes more blending on the cheeks because it is extremely pigmented. I feel like it applies a bit blotchy on the cheeks and most of the time I get the feeling that this is actually just a matte lip-cream that they marketed as cheeks product as well just to boost up the sales. I meant, it is not a secret that lipsticks can perform well as blushes too, right? That's why I think this one is actually a matte lip cream which is double marketed as blush for more gimmick. After some days trying this product, I must say it is not a bad product but the marketing strategy is a bit misleading. 

The Kiss&Blush retails for €34,99 / 10ml which is hell expensive and based on my personal judgment, I must say it is not really worth the money and the hype.

Have you tried this product from YSL?

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