Sunday, 30 March 2014

Meet Miss Del Rey

On my trip to Roermond, I bought myself a new bag. I had very packed and stressed months since before christmas so I thought I should give myself a little reward.
To be honest, it never came to my mind that I'd own a Mulberry Del Rey. As I was never a fan of the bag since it was first launched in 2012. 
But when I tried it on at the outlet, I surprisingly liked it. It was a very good price so I walked out  happily with Del Rey.

The Mulberry Del Rey bag is inspired by the Hollywood nostalgic style of the singer ; Lana Del Rey. So, yes the bag might look old fashioned but I really like the simplicity and the classic touch. 
The Del Rey I got is in grainy print leather and in color ; deer brown. The grainy print leather is buttery soft but not very prone to scratches because of the 'grainy print' texture. The inside of the bag is fabric lining printed with Mulberry trees all over it. It has one internal zip and slip pocket. The bag has a front compartment with the Mulberry trademark postman lock closure and it also got four metal feet on base to help it 'sit' better.  I got the 'old version' of Del Rey with shorter handles as the new ones come with longer handles ( I personally prefer the shorter handles ). 
Del Rey is a roomy bag which is a plus point for me. It can carry a lot of stuffs without 'shagging', even though the grainy print leather has soft buttery texture and not very structured / stiff. 
Quality wise, I think Mulberry is famous for its leather craftsmanship . The bag is also made in Englad, in its Sommerset factory so it is truly a product of british craftsmanship. 
For a leather bag, Mulberry Del Rey is actually quite lightweight which is good since it doesn't have longer straps. 

How do you like my new bag?
What is the bag you're currently lusting over?

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