Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lipstick Queen

I have read a lot of positive reviews about the brand Lipstick Queen. I find their concept of saint ( 10% pigment ) and sinner ( 90% pigment ) is brilliant. If you haven't read about it, let me explain it shortly.
So basically Lipstick Queen always has 2 different types of lipstick for each shade they have. Either you get Saint or Sinner. Saint lipsticks are sheer and glossy with 10% pigment while Sinner lipsticks are way more pigmented and long lasting with 90% pigment. As I mostly prefer to have moisturizing and balmy lip products, I opted for the saint one. 

The shade I picked up was : Rose. Rose is a medium rosey pink, a bit on the cooler toned side I'd say. The color is perfect for everyday use to school, uni, or work. Rose is a universal appropriate shade in my opinion, or some people might call it a 'my lips but better shade'.
The texture of the lipstick is very emollient and balmy. I love how smooth it applies on the lips and despite of the only 10% pigment, it is actually pigmented enough and the color shows up easily. I also love the fact that despite of the glossy finish, it doesn't have any shimmer.
The lipstick is housed in a matte yellow gold bullet. The matte case is great because it is finger print free. I like the packaging. It is sleek simple and elegant at the same time.
The longevity is okay for a balmy lipstick. I got ca. 2 hours wear with minor drinking. The lipstick doesn't dry up my lips and in fact is pretty hydrating.
It retails for €22 / 4 gr.
Have you tried anything from Lipstick Queen?

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