Thursday, 16 October 2014

REVLON Colorstay Moisture Stain

After reading this particular review from Lenallure, I was very convinced and weirdly enough while I was browsing through, I found out they carry Revlon product but only this moisture stain, nothing else. Weird, right? But anyway I hope they will add more items later as Revlon is not available in Germany and it would come in handy to be able to buy it at least Online.  

Asos doesn't have a lot of shades available, and after some swatches online, I decided to pick up Barcelona Night and Cannes Crush .
Barcelona Night is a bright fuchsia and Cannes Crush is a peachy orange. 
Formula wise, I was expecting it to be similar to another lip hybrid product like Dior Fluid Stick as a lot of people have said. And I agree that they are indeed very similar. Revlon moisture stain is thicker and creamier in consistency, but still feels a bit watery and wet on the lips unlike the Dior fluid stick which is a lighter and thinner in consistency but feels sticky on the lips. They both have this balmy touch and feel very comfortable and hydrating on the lips.
Application wise, this moisture stain doesn't apply very even. The key is to apply in thin layer or my favorite way is to wear it blotted. The pigmentation is great, but I have to say it depends on the shade. Barcelona Night is way more pigmented than Cannes Crush which applies rather sheer. 
The moisture stain has glossy and shiny finish which doesn't fade quickly. Being named moisture stain, I must say that they do feel hydrating but they don't really stain the lips ( this is actually a good point for me as I tend to change my lipstick during the day and I prefer not having some stain on the lips ).  
The staying power is average. I got 2-3 hour wear time without eating. I don't really expect lip product to be super long wearing as I drink a lot and don't mind re applying my lipstick anyway. 

Barcelona Night

Cannes Crush

Overall, I am happy with these new lip additions and would probably order another shade ;p


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