Thursday, 30 October 2014

Koh Gen Do Face Powder

Koh Gen Do is one brand I've always had interest to try. As a foundation junkie, I have been wanting to get my hands on the Koh Gen Do foundation, but I couldn't decide between Aqua and Maifanshi  Moisture foundation so I ended up ordering the face powder ( I know that was a poor excuse :p ). They have 2 different types of face powder, the natural lighting powder and the regular face powder, so I went with the one with no shimmer.

What does Koh Gen Do say about the powder ?

"Made with a unique silk powder formula, Maifanishi Face Powder sets the foundation like a sheer silky veil. It also protects your skin's natural luminescence with gentle, ultra-fine elements that quickly blend with your skin. It contains natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, making it an ideal powder for dry skin."

I am currently using the Giorgio Armani luminous silk powder to set up my foundation, I got the powder as a gift and I think it is one decent product but nothing really groundbreaking. So instead of repurchase the powder, I prefer to try something new. Having a combination skin, with dry cheeks and oily T-zone, I mostly need to set my foundation because otherwise my T-zone will get shiny within few hours. My requirements for a good setting powder is that it needs to be lightweight, not too mattifying, natural and translucent and reading from the description and review at, this loose powder from Koh Gen Do sounded like a good candidate. 
The powder comes in a huge loose powder jar. It has typical loose powder packaging, nothing extra ordinary. It is of course not the best candidate for traveling but as I intended to use it as setting powder , the packaging doesn't bother me at all. 
The powder is very smooth and silky it feels almost creamy. Even though it is translucent, I need to be light handed on application because otherwise it will appear white and ghostly on my skin. The texture is very fine so it doesn't look too powdery. The finish is natural and silky smooth, definitely not invisible on the skin but I think it compliments the foundation very well. What I really like is also that it is not cakey and doesn't accentuate my dry patches. I also like that it tightens my pores so they look more refined especially on picture. 
The powder works well to set my foundation but the oil control is rather average.  I always carry powder for touch up in my make up bag so that is not a big let down for me. 

Koh Gen Do stated that this powder is formulated without Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phthalates , GMOs and Triclosans ( please don't ask me what they are, I have zero idea ) so despite of my lack of know-how in terms of chemical ingredients, I guess it is a good thing that this powder is not formulated with those chemicals mentioned above. 

All in all, I am happy with the purchase and it fulfilled my expectation, a nice first encounter with the brand.  I do think this powder is worth the $42 because we do get a lot of product 

What is your current favorite setting powder?

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