Monday, 13 October 2014


I picked up this nail polish from Marc Jacobs at Sephora during my trip to Paris. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about it, and for €24 of course I expect a good quality. 

The packaging is really nice. It is something different and looks cute. It is also made from a nice, sturdy material, not something I'd complain about.
The shade I picked up was Jezebel. It is a deep wine red. Jezebel is not very brownish and appears burgundish on the nails. Jezebel is not one unique shade, it is in fact, a shade you can find very dupable. I initially wanted to get nude or taupe shade but the Sephora where I went to didn't really have a lot of stock so I went with Jezebel instead.
The formula however is not what I expected it to be. It is thick and gloopy, the application is also rather streaky.. I don't know whether it's possible that I got a failed product or just an old stock? Because the texture is just weird. It feels like an old nail polish you've stored in your drawer for 3 years and never use it. I hope mine was an exception because the reviews on the internet are mostly positive.
The staying power is okay, but I always layer it with good top coat anyway so I can't say how it performs on its own. 

Jezebel is a nice vampy shade for autumn, and I will wear it occasionally, but I don't think I will reach for it often as the formula is not the most pleasant to apply.

Have you tried any nail polish from Marc Jacobs?

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