Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Les Mini Prismes

Airport is one of my favorite place on earth. I don't know why but I always love airport. That's why I always try to go to airport very early every time I have to fly so I have enough time to spend while waiting for the flight. 
While I was waiting for my flight from Düsseldorf to Berlin last week, I spent an intense 45 minutes at the duty free and after some swatches, I walked out with this set from Givenchy. 

This set comes in a 'mini drawer' packaging made of real leather. The leather packaging is definitely high end but to be honest, it is unnecessary. The set consists of eye shadow, face powder, blush and 2 applicators. Each contains 3gr of product, not a lot but since I very rarely hit the pan on anything, I think 3 gr is enough amount for quite a long time. 

The eye shadow, powder and blush all come in Givenchy 4 cubes signature. The eye shadow have 4 different shades and are all my cup of tea. The texture is a bit crumbly but it is buttery smooth. Pigmentation is great and they blend effortlessly on the lids. 
The powder also comes in 4 different shades but I just mix them all and use it as finishing powder. And it is beautiful! It doesn't really mattify but it sets make up very well and it blurs out imperfections which results in a flawless finish. I love how it doesn't mattify so it doesn't disturb the real finish of foundation ( let's say you're having foundation with dewy finish... ) .
The blush is my highlight ! it is a very nice berry pink shade and gives such a beautiful flush on the cheeks. It has matte finish and the pigmentation is just perfect. 

I am surprisingly very happy with this set as I actually bought it without high expectation. Each product performs beautifully works together in harmony. This would be my first step into the house of Givenchy :-)

Have you tried anything from Givenchy?

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