Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wanderlust : Roermond

So I had a short weekend gateway last week to Roermond. Roermond is a small town in Holland , 30 minutes train trip from Eindhoven, the 2nd biggest city in Holland. 
I went there with a girl friend of mine , mainly because we wanted to go shopping on its famous designer outlet
I tried to find some reviews about the town itself and the designer outlet but I found nothing helpful on the internet , so now I want to give a small glimpse to the town and the designer outlet if you plan on going there soon.

I took a flight from Berlin to Eindhoven with Transavia airline ( it was budget airline but everything went okay ) and then changed to train from Eindhoven to Roermond ( it took only 30-40 minutes ). 

I stayed 2 nights there at the Van der Valk Theater Hotel which is great for its price. It was not very expensive for a 4 star hotel. The room was big and bed was comfortable, staffs were very friendly and helpful and the location was perfect. It was only 5-10 minutes walk from the central station and 20-25 minutes walk to the designer outlet. Just like 2 minutes walk is the old town with a lot of shops and cafes. The cathedral is also within 5 minutes reach. The breakfast buffet was good and the 3 course dinner at the restaurant was also good. I will def stay at this hotel again the next time I visit Roermond.

And now to the most exciting part : SHOPPING !!
There are a lot of brands in the outlet from high end like GUCCI, PRADA, Mulberry, Burberry, MCM,  Tods, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc to middle end like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. 
The prices varied depends on the brands but I'd say minimum was 30% off. 
PRADA has the best option in its store. Most bags are their core collection and not from previous season. The bags started at 250€-370€ for the nylon collection, and from 450€-700€ for the leather bags, small leather goods range from 80€-250€. They also carry Miumiu stuffs for cheaper price than PRADA. 
Other brands like GUCCI, Mulberry, and Burberry carry mostly 'rest stock' or last season items for cheaper price. When you're lucky you can even find good bargains for 50-70%. ( and for you non european, think about 17% tax refund!! )

Staffs at the outlet were mostly friendly and helpful except of one P bitch ( I censored the name of the brand, but I hope you know what brand I am talking about ) . This is the story : my friend took picture of bags because she wanted to show her mom which one she wanted, but turned out we are not allowed to take pics. The security was very friendly and only warned my friend not to take pics anymore ( ps : we didn't see any signs at all that shows taking pics is prohibited. I am aware that most boutiques don't let you take pics, but another stores in the outlet like Burberry, Mulberry, and Tag heuer, etc don't mind you taking pics. So we though it was okay for P as well ) . Long story short, when we wanted to pay for the bags, turned out they gave my friend the wrong bag so my friend showed a pic of the bag she wanted and the b*tch at the cashier told off my friend that she was not allowed to take pic. My friend explained and apologized that the pic was taken before the security warning , the b*tch didn't care and treated us like sh*t even though we already bought 4 bags and some wallets. He spoke in dutch to his colleagues about us, which I understood a little and he mainly thought we wanted to resell the bags to 3rd party. He didn't want to sell the bag to my friend and called the security ( who was extremely nice and even defended my friend! ). His attitude was unacceptable, I was on the edge to create huge drama but I managed to control myself. So, if you come to P please don't take any pics otherwise the b*tch will make your blood pleasure higher. 
Other than one b*tch, the other staffs at P were mostly professional and nice. I also work in luxury retail and my friend even used to work for the P brand so we knew exactly how it works behind the scene and what the b*tch did was unnecessary and unacceptable. 

The outlet is huge and there are some cafes and restaurants as well so don't worry about your tummy. But trust me, once you see all the bargains, you won't even think about lunch! :p

The damage

ps : No no I didn't shop that much, these belong to me and my friend :-D

Aside from the shopping, Roermond is a nice city as well, def worth visiting. There are a lot of local shops and cafes with unbelievably friendly staffs. The people are so friendly and warm and the city is safe. If you don't speak dutch, don't worry as most of the people speak German and english as well. 

2 days were not enough for me. I'll definitely come back!

Have you ever been to europe? how was your experience?

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