Friday, 7 March 2014

Steel Grey

I am actually not a fan of high end / expensive nail polish. I don't see a sense in spending a lot of money on Chanel / Dior / Tom Ford nail polishes ( at least you're a collector ) because my experience with them weren't all satisfying. Except of the beautiful packaging and the beautiful / unique shades they have, I didn't notice any extravagant quality I could use to justify the price. 
But my story with Burberry was different. Since the first time I saw the press release, I fell in love with the design. But, I was not sure about the quality and whether I'd splurge only because of the packaging and my previous pleasant experiences with Burberry. It was until I visited the only Burberry make up counter in Berlin at Galeries Lafayette. My intention was only to get the lip cover in Blush that was long out of stock. I even made pinky promise with myself not to walk out with another item besides of the lip cover. But..... the nail polishes were all calling my name from the display. They looked all so pretty and neat ( I knew it !! ). The BA even gave me cello tape so I could do swatches. 

The packaging is a winner. I am not really a fan of the Chanel and DIOR packaging to be honest. They are pretty but they don't look so high end like the ones from Burberry.
I liked the brush as it was flat and wide but not as wide as Essie brushes. It made the application easier and neat. 

Steel Grey is a dark grey shade with very very subtle golden shimmers. The golden shimmer isn't very visible on the nails. It is only visible under certain lights. It has creamy finish and it takes me 2 layers to reach opacity. It applies on very smoothly and the brush is very handy. It dries pretty quick as well on its own. I topped it with my Essence better than gel nails top coat and it lasted me for 5 days before starting to chip which is impressive as I use my hands to wash the dishes, cleaning the house, etc. 
I really like the formula and I was so close on getting the bright red one but decided for Grey Steel. Because I thought I have less similar shades on my stash ( haha ! )

I think Burberry is going to be the first high end nail polish that won my heart.
It retails for €19 / 8ml.

Do you like high end nail polish? which brand is your favorite?

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