Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dream Bouncy

This blush from Maybelline was very hyped through youtube and the beauty community. I've been wanting to try it for a long time, but it is not available in Germany. So I asked my mom to get it for me from Indonesia and send it together with my usual care package she sends me once in 6 months. 

The shade my mom picked up for me was pink satin. Pink Satin is a light pink-coral shade with satin finish. So the name is true to the color.

Texture wise, the blush is bouncy and spongy. It is definitely not powder but not cream as well. It feels like a pressed mousse texture. It is fun to touch but after awhile it gets ugly and cracked. Unfortunately, the pigmentation is so poor it is almost impossible to get some color on the cheeks. I've tried to apply this blush using brush and fingers and I found it works better when applied with fingers. But still it doesn't show up on the cheeks, even layering doesn't help. 

my attempt to capture the color, I put more than 5 layers to get it visible on picture.

I honestly don't get it how this blush managed to be so hyped in the US. It doesn't perform properly as blush. The spongy / bouncy texture is fun to play with, but still a blush gotta do what a blush gotta do. Agree?

Have you tried this blush?

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