Thursday, 20 March 2014

Magic Night

I work part time in a luxury dept. store and it is a fun job but dangerous at the same time. Dangerous for my financial balance as sometimes the amount of money I spend is more than the amount of money I earn in a day. Mainly because I browse around during my break time or before / after work. And I mostly know the Sales Assistants working there so sometimes a small talk can lead to free samples ( which is good ) or purchase ( which is not really good.. :p ).
This mono eye shadow from Chanel was a small talk that led to purchase.. 

I haven't bought any eye shadow from Chanel before.. I only have swatched some of their quads on counter but they never really convince me. 
But when I swatched their monos, I was convinced with the texture. They're more on the dry - spongy side but the pigmentation is great and they apply smoothly. I picked up the shade ; Magic Night, a blackened purple with a bit of reddish tinge. I thought I had similar shades already on my stash but it turned out that I don't. Most other shades that I have are more red or burgundy, not as 'dark and smokey' as Magic Night. 
I like to apply it alone to tone it down, or use it as a contour shade on the outer V for darker smokey eye look. 

Magic Night is a wearable smokey-purple shade. It looks darker on hand swatch but applies lighter on the lids. The shimmers are fine and not gritty. I experienced minimal fall out with it. 
Overall, I enjoy having Magic Night on my stash as it performs very well and the shade is practical to have. It is not the best eye shadow formula I've ever tried but it is def not the worst. 

It retails for €25 / 2gr of product which is expensive but let's admit, who doesn't want to fork out that amount of money in the name of Chanel? 

Have you tried any eyeshadow from Chanel?

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