Friday, 28 March 2014

Afternon Tea

I've been watching Tanya Burr's youtube videos for a long time and I always enjoy her tutorials. Her bubbly personality also makes her very likable. But I wasn't very sold the first time I heard about her launching her lip gloss and nail polish collection. But a friend of mine was traveling to London and she kindly brought me this Tanya Burr lip gloss in one of its best seller shade ; Afternoon Tea. 

The lip gloss comes in a sleek lip gloss tube with a unique doe foot applicator. The packaging is sleek simple and doesn't look cheap which is a good thing for its drugstore price point.
Afternoon Tea is a pinky nude shade with creamy finish. It looks gorgeous on my hand swatch but sadly it doesn't really look good once applied.  The color is clearly too pale for me as it washes out my complexion. 
The lip gloss itself has a very interesting formula. It is like a mix between lip gloss and lip cream. It is definitely on the sticky side but the sticky feeling doesn't really bother me as it makes the staying power longer. 
The pigmentation is very opaque for a lip gloss which is good but could be a bit confusing as I'd rather put it in lip cream category. I don't know whether it is the color or the formula but I find it difficult to apply. It is streaky and sets into lip lines like crazy, so make sure your lips are well moisturized. The lip gloss is sweetly scented which I like and it has pretty decent staying power for a lip gloss. 

I am a bit disappointed as it doesn't really work for me. But I'd still love to try darker shades as they all look amazing on Tanya.
You can order Tanya Burr lip gloss and nail polish collection from as they ship worldwide.

Do you watch Tanya Burr videos?

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