Saturday, 15 March 2014

Berry Smoothie

Well I don't really believe in second chance theory.  But , some of you might have known that I am not a fan of Revlon lip butters. I have tried 5 shades from the range and I liked none of them.
But my mom recently sent me a package from Indonesia and she sent me some make up as well. Berry Smoothie is actually a shade I have wanted to try.  Jen from Fromheadtotoe wears this particular shade a lot on her videos and the color looks so lovely on her. So , I decided to give Revlon lip butter a second chance. 

Berry Smoothie is a light berry pink shade. A very wearable , foolproof kind of shade that will match any occasion and eye make up. It is surprisingly not glittery nor flakey at all, unlike its other sisters that I have tried.
It glides on smoothly and most excitingly not flakey and doesn't leave my lips feeling bread crumbly. Put aside my dislike to its sisters, I actually like Berry Smoothie. It is such an easy color, a kind of shade I'd love to always have inside my bag. 

After trying Berry Smoothie, I now feel like I should give Revlon Lip Butters another chance. Maybe for another shades I haven't tried . I just have to make sure it doesn't contain any glitters. Juicy Papaya is on the top of the list.

Do you like Revlon Lip Butter? Which shade is your favorite?

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