Sunday, 22 December 2013

Whole Lotta Candy

My love to lip crayons is a public secret I believe, so it's no wonder when I first saw this set online, I put an order right away.

This set includes 3 mini chubby sticks @1,2gr ( full size is 3gr ) in Pudgy Peony, Two Ton Tomato and Voluptous Violet. All 3 mini chubby sticks come in special swirling prints on the 'crayon'. 

Pudgy Peony

Pudgy Peony is a peony pink shade which will not suit me if it is opaque. But since it is sheer, it is actually pretty and I like how it looks against my complexion. 

 Two Ton Tomato

Two ton tomato is my favorite out of the 3. It is a sheer orangey- tomato red which is very wearable and looks flattering against my complexion. It is also the most pigmented among the 3.

Voluptous Violet

Voluptous Violet is the most sheer out of the 3. It needs to be layered to get the color show up. I like how pastel and soft it looks on me but it is a bit too pale for my liking. The fact that it is sheer, does help making it wearable for me because this is the kind of shade that will not look good against my complexion if it is opaque.

Clinique chubby sticks are famous for being very hydrating , and I confirm it. They are also very moist and emollient but not slippery. I recently used up my full size chubby stick in Super Strawberry and I rarely, very rarely use up any make up item, so it is a big deal for me. I love how they are so easy to wear. You don't need mirror to apply and they give color without being too overdone, great for low key days. They aren't scented so it might be a plus point for those of you who are sensitive towards scents.
If you are looking for opaque / pigmented lippies then chubby sticks are not for you. But if you're looking for moisturizing,sheer and low maintenance lip balms then you may give them a try.

Have you tried Clinique Chubby Sticks?

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