Friday, 20 December 2013

MUA Pearl Eye Shadow Monos

I have some MUA eye shadow palettes and I've been enjoying them so far. They are affordable and good quality. But sometimes there are some shades in a palette that I barely touch because you can't just love every single shade in the palette, right? That's when mono eye shadows come to the rescue.

MUA mono eye shadows are amazing, they are only £1 each!!!  Like how can they be so cheap yet so good??  All the mono eye shadows come in a plastic case and they come with 2gr of products which is a lot ( for comparison MAC eye shadows are 1,5gr and they cost around €12-€17 each ). The packaging is nothing special, it is plastic but not flimsy. I don't know whether you could depot them like MAC ones.

One downside, the monos don't have names, they only come in numbers, so here are 3 monos I ordered :
-#28 is a rusty pink shade with rosegold shimmers. It is such a pretty shade and it makes a good 'topper'. I love to apply it as a topper for a plumy-burgundy base. It is also pretty on itself, but the pigmentation is a bit sheer, I need to layer a bit to the color pop.
-#12 is a muddy bronze shade with gold shimmers. It might look ordinary on swatch but it is not just your 'bronze next door' because it has a tiny bit hint of red which you know - my favorite kind of eye shadow!
-#24 is my favorite out of the 3. It is a rusty amber-copper tone. It looks so beautiful on the eyes. love love it!

All of the monos I ordered have pearl finish. So they're all shimmery but not glittery which I like. The pigmentation is great. They have great texture, smooth and soft and almost no fall out! I have some MUA palettes and some eyeshadows on the palette can be quite dusty but the monos are different. I am so impressed!

For only £1 each, it is almost unbelievable how they could be so good. 
Have you tried the MUA monos?


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