Friday, 27 December 2013

Sweater Weather TAG

I know this TAG is actually meant to be done in autumn, but it is now a mild winter in Germany. We've been having a moderate 5-10'C winter so I think it's okay to do this TAG :-)

  • What is your favorite candle scent?
    • I can't pick between the Rosewater from Crabtree&Evelyne and Oranger from Diptyque. Rosewater smells exactly like rosewater, it is mild and very relaxing. A kind of scent that lingers on the background. Oranger in other hand is stronger. It smells very winter-y, warm and a bit spicy. It smells like fresh oranges mixed with spices. Love it.

  • Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
    • Definitely Tea! I love coffee too but I try my best to reduce my caffeine intake because I got anxious and it was difficult for me to sleep well, so my doctor told me to drink more tea instead of coffee. I am not a fan of hot chocolate since I don't really like the sweet after taste. 

  • Do you switch your make up routine for the season?
    • Well make up wise, I don't really switch the routine but I tend to wear darker lipsticks, and heavier eye make up compare to summer months. And I do switch my skin care routine for the colder months.
  • What is your best fall-winter memories? 
    • Since I grew up in Indonesia, the first time I moved to Germany was the first time I experienced fall and winter. So my first time seeing the falling leaves, and the snow was my best memories of fall and winter :)
  • Which make up trend do you prefer? Winged eye liner or dark lips?
    • This question is difficult because I wear winged eye liner literally every day, so it is not even a 'trend' for me. So I think I'd go with dark lips.
  • Best perfume for fall-winter?
    • Thierry Mugler Alien and Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise.
  • Hats or Scarves?
    • Definitely scarves! I hate wearing hats because I have big head and no hats can really sit properly on my head. lol
  • Most worn sweater?
    • My oxblood sheep sweater from NewLook and my rose printed sweater from MANGO. They are so warm, fluffy and cute :)

  • Favorite Nail Polish?
    • I've been loving dark nail polish for colder months, and this combination from Essence home sweet home and deborah lippmann good girl gone bad have been on my nails quite often.

  • What is autumn and winter weather where you live?
    • I live in Berlin - Germany and autumn here is beautiful! The whole city is covered in autumn color and the weather is usually nice and rainy. Winter is freezing here and we usually get a lot lot lot of snow. But now it is the end of December and the snow is not yet coming to town T-T
Here are some pictures from last year winter and this year fall :

Is it also fall / winter where you live? If yes, then feel free to do this TAG as well :-)
I hope you had lovely christmas!


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