Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Perfect Palette TAG

A lot of my favorite fellow beauty bloggers and some youtubers have been doing this TAG lately. I've been wanting to do it as well but since nobody tagged me, I'd just pretend that I shamelessly tagged myself :p. The lovely sleepandwater just did this TAG as well recently. 

  • Best Packaging
    • I have to go with Burberry Eyeshadow Palette in Plum Pink. Their heavy gunmetal case is very well made and looks high end. The eye shadow stripes are also well embossed with Burberry's checks print that still visible even after a lot of use. It is also the perfect size, not too big or too bulky and fits perfectly inside (almost) any handbags. 

  • Best Colour Payoff
    • This award goes to Wet n Wild eye shadow trios. They are amazing in pigmentation, which is wonderful for a drugstore brand with only a fraction of price.. Not only the darker shades but the lighter shades are also great in pigmentation.

  • Most Versatile
    • This category is difficult to choose, there were few candidates that I thought would 'win' on this catergory but I had to go with Kanebo Kate little Palette. It has one cream highlighter and 4 powder eye shadows. It has 1 shimmery peachy pink shade, 1 shimmery champagne shade ,1 satin plumy taupe and 1 satin charcoal brown so you can create very minimal look with the pink and champagne shade, or go smokey with the plum-taupe and charcoal brown. All shades perform good solo, as they have all either shimmery or satin-sheen finish. The cream highlighter is not very useful but it makes good highlighter base for the inner corners. 

  • Best for Travel
    • I can't decide between these two because I usually have these 2 for travelling. My INGLOT palette which consists of 3 matte shadows ( I use them for my eye brows ) and 2 duo-chrome shadows. The INGLOT very sturdy packaging is also safe for travelling. The Burberry Plum Pink has been my dearest friend since I purchased it. I can always rely on it because it has 4 gorgeous shades, great quality and also sturdy case that is travel friendly.

  • Biggest Regret(s)
    • No doubt my Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld palette and Sonia Rykiel Eye shadow duo ( okay it is not really a palette, but still.. ). I bought both of them mainly because of the packaging and the curiosity since they are both not really widely available here in Germany esp the Sonia Rykiel one. They're not bad in terms of quality but I expected them to be wayyyyy better. The Shu Uemura is too glittery imo and the pigmentation is not very good ( which is mostly the case with asian brands I guess.. ) and the Sonia Rykiel one is too dry in texture and also very glittery.. Unfortunately they're also not very cheap so the disappointment is bigger.

  • Best Colour Names
    • I had to go with Urban Decay NAKED 2 as it is really the only eye shadow palette I own that has different names for each shade. The other palettes that I have don't have separate names for each shades.

  • Least Used
    • It's not that I don't like this Dolce&Gabbana eye shadow quad, but I just don't use it often enough as I thought I would. Maybe the 'difficult' color selection is the main problem. All the shades are not very daily appropriate so I don't reach for it as often as I'd love to. The quad is beautiful and something different on my stash so I like it but I wish I reached for it more often..

  • Most Used, Most Loved
    • You can def see from the picture how well used the palette is. MUA Undressed Me Palette is just so easy to wear because it contains basically every shades you need to create a day or night look. The far right shade on the 1st line is almost used up and I hit pan already on the 3rd shade on the 2nd line. They are my most favorite eye shadows to wear alone on the lids, perfect for busy days. I also love the 2 matte shades in this palette because they are amazing for blending. 

Have you done this TAG? I'll tag everyone who wants to do this TAG :)


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