Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My dream came in red

If you read my christmas wish list post here, you might have known I'd been lusting over the 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli bag. Handbags are my weakness. I am not a shoe girl, but I am a handbag girl inside out. So after a period of saving money, reading reviews on the internet and countless nights where I couldn't really sleep in peace ( exaggerating me, I know.. :p ) I finally dug inside my pocket and bought this medium pashli, in red. 


I actually wanted to get this in dark navy but it was sold out, and since I already have too many bags in black, I opted for the red. The bag comes in a sturdy wrinkled leather, or Phillip Lim called it shark  embossed. I love how the leather is actually wrinkled and pebbled so it is less sensitive, more structured and scratch proof. I am not very careful with my stuffs so I need to have durable and sturdy bags. 
The bag has one push lock at the front which is honestly quite annoying. It is not very easy to close, I'd prefer magnetic closure.. There are also 2 zipper applications at the front which can be zipped close or open for wider look flaps ( read : celine trapeze inspired ). It also comes with adjustable and removable strap which is long enough for cross body but too long for the shoulder (unless you're taller than me) so I added more holes on the strap. 

The bag is actually very roomy, it fits my 11" macbook air perfectly ( not in the picture ) and it doesn't go shaggy when I carry a lot of things. It has one zip pocket inside with no extra compartments outside which bothers me a bit.

Here are some pictures how the bag looks on me. I like the fact that it can be worn on the shoulder, cross body, or on hand. The bag has a mix of feminine look and yet a bit of edgy and effortless look. 

I am so far very happy with my bag. It is such a good bag for every day use because it gives you option to be hands free with the strap yet allows you to look 'elegant' and more 'lady like' when it's carried on hand. Price-wise it is also still on the 'reasonable' side at €780,- or $850,- in comparison to other it bags like celine trapeze-luggage-phantom, prada saffiano, mulberry alexa-bayswater or  balenciaga . 

Are you a bag person as well? what is your all time biggest splurge on handbags? or are there any bags you've been lusting over?


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