Sunday, 15 December 2013

Crème Brûlée

If you read my post here about my Laura Mercier perfumes, I was surprised how good they actually are. They are really long lasting and smell exquisite and not sickly sweet even though they supposed to smell like dessert. Their most famous scent on the line is the creme brûlée which smells soooooo good. I've been wanting to get the creme brûlée perfume but it is always sold out at the counter. So when I saw it available at I directly put an order , also for the hand creme.

Creme Brûlée the perfume doesn't smell directly like creme brûlée. The first time you spray it, it smells more like vanilla - sweet and warm and a bit musky. But after awhile, it starts to smell a bit like caramel and to my surprise ; coconut. If you don't like sweet smell, this is definitely not something for you. Creme Brûlée has some richness to it and it won't make you smell like food, more like sweet dessert ( well okay, dessert is food as well ... ) . I rarely get compliments about perfume that I wear but I have been receiving a lot of compliments from random strangers every time I wear the Laura Mercier eu Gourmande perfumes. But I must say that almost all of the perfumes on the range ( I have vanilla, fresh fig , almond coconut and creme brûlée ) kind of smell similar, warm and sweet, only the fresh fig is totally different to my nose. 
The hand creme in other hand, smells very foody. It really smells like creme brûlée, very strong but delicious. I love the smell very much it is almost therapeutic. It feels like entering a bakery in the morning when they just put the first trays of breads and cakes fresh from the oven. A lot of people may have problem with it because it might be too dominant for hand cream, but I love love it. 

Both products have great staying power and the hand cream is moisturizing but not sticky. The packaging is very simple and clean cut but well made.
I am very pleased with this combo but I am not sure whether I would spend €65 on the body soufflés. I just think they are a bit too overpriced. 

Have you tried Laura Mercier eu gourmande body care range?

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