Thursday, 31 October 2013

Nude Magique

This foundation has been everywhere, from youtube to blogs. As a lot of people claimed it to be the exact dupe of Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, of course I was curious to try! especially after I saw this post from Jane, here . I was so surprised that the only different ingredients are fragrance and skin irritants ( don't ask me what is skin irritant please ).
There are only 4- or 5 shades available at the display and I was quiet surprised that the range is very limited. My shade is the lightest shade available ;120 because the second lightest shade is too dark and yellow..I wonder how people with paler skin than I am will manage to get the right shade..

The packaging is very tiny and it contains only 20ml of product which makes it very expensive for a drugstore foundation at 12€. But if it is really the same like GA Maestro foundation , I don't mind.

Foundation that comes in a bottle and with no pump is not my cup of tea, in terms of packaging. But the bottle is tiny and the neck is also small that my finger can cover it so it won't go everywhere.. But still sometimes I spill a bit of product because of the runny consistency as well.


As I mentioned before, the foundation is very runny and watery. It claims to be lighter than water which I can't really imagine. Could something be lighter than water?? But anyway the texture is very unique. It has a bit of powdery feeling but at the same time, oily.. I know it's a poor description but I do feel like the consistency is like a watery but dry oil ( okay, it is getting even more absurd ). But once applied to the skin, it sets to a light powdery finish, not oily or dewy at all.
L'oreal advised to apply it with finger but I prefer to buff it in with buffing brush. Any kind of sponge is not worth to try since it will def soak the product. I am currently having a very cooperative skin condition at the moment ( I believe it is all because of Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil ) so this foundation doesn't have to deal with a lot of problems. The coverage is light but not very sheer. It is buildable as well so I usually apply 2 layers to achieve more coverage. The finish is very natural, healthy and radiant. 
I love how lightweight it is and it feels very comfortable on the skin, maybe because of the thin consistency. But despite of the lightweight feeling, this foundation is fairly long wearing. The oil control is also very good.

There are a lot of reviews on the internet about how this is actually the same product like the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. Too bad I have not tried the maestro one so I can't do any comparison. But this Nude Magique from L'oreal does have a high end feeling to it. It doesn't feel like 'cheap' foundation at all. If someone give it to me in a pot without knowing what brand it is, I will def guess that it is a high end foundation. The quality is just excellent. It is sometimes unbelievable how 2 'same' products can be sold with 2 different prices all thanks to marketing strategy, and packaging.  My only concern is only that the shades available in our drugstore is very limited.. I can see a lot of people with lighter complexion than me will have problem especially it is now almost winter and everyone gets even paler. 
Otherwise, if you like lightweight foundation that provides not very sheer coverage , you might want to check this out.


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