Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Amber Rush

L'oreal infaillible eyeshadows are one of my favorite 'cream' eyeshadow so far. Their spongy and powdery texture is so lovely and go on so smooth on the lids. 
I have done a review on 2 of these eye shadows before on my blog but the quality was poor so I decided to re-do it since I just recently got a new shade ; Amber Rush. ( Amber Rush is not available in Germany, a dear friend of mine got it for me from the US )

Amber Rush is a gorgeous shimmery amber shade. It is less 'redish' than I imagined it would be, but nonetheless it is a very flattering shade. I love the fact how it looks so effortlessly good. Amber Rush is the kind of eyeshadow you can wear alone on the lids and still end up looking like you invest 30 minutes to do the eye look. It is so easy to apply, best applied with finger tips as brush tends to make it crumble a bit imo. Once it sets, it doesn't crease on the lids. 
I simply adore this shade , don't get me wrong, I like the other 3 as well but Amber Rush is very easy to wear and the shade looks so flattering against my complexion. 
All of the shades that I have perform really good. So the quality doesn't differ based on the color ( e.g Maybelline Color Tattoo ). The L'oreal Infaillible eyeshadows are all buttery and smooth in texture, easy to blend, and they are long lasting on the lids.

Amber Rush worn alone, and please mind the lighting that makes my foundation looks too dark and yellow.

A lot of people say that the L'oreal infaillible eyeshadows are exact dupe for the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill which makes sense since GA also belongs to L'oreal and L'oreal is famous for having great dupe for higher end products ( e.g. L'oreal color caresse shine stain as dupe for YSL glossy stain or L'oreal magic nude liquid powder foundation as dupe for Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation ). I've never tried the GA Eyes to Kill so I can not say whether they perform the same, but I am totally happy with my 'cheap' alternatives that I don't feel the urge to get the more expensive version of them. yet. :P

Have you tried the L'oreal Infaillible eyeshadows? How do you like it?

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